How to Dispose of a Christmas Tree responsibly?

Once Christmas is over, everyone is left with a common question How to Dispose of a Christmas Tree responsibly? Disposing of a dead Christmas tree can be tiresome. The Christmas hangover makes this job even harder. Many Municipal corporations organize tree disposal camps after the Christmas holidays. You can simply get rid of the spent tree at these disposal centers. Otherwise, You can shred the tree into mulch and use it in your garden. It is an eco-friendly and cost-effective way of Christmas tree disposal. Or You may donate the tree to someone needy.

If you are still wondering how to dispose of a Christmas tree then I’ve some suggestions for you. Have a look and select one that suits your needs. You can also put the trees in suitable Christmas tree disposal bags for easy handling.

How to Dispose of a Christmas Tree responsibly
How to Dispose of a Christmas Tree responsibly?

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Recycle the Dead Christmas Tree

Recycling is always a better option for Christmas tree disposal. Look out for any local recycling center. They would love to take the Christmas tree. They can turn it into something more useful like compost or Mulch. You can recycle the tree on your own if no recycling center is available.

Just spare some time for this task out of your daily schedule. Dry out the woods and reuse the needle for composting.

Call on Scouts or Community Helpers

You can also ask the local girl or boy scouts to take away the Christmas tree. They not only sell Christmas trees but also offer a return pickup. Usually, they don’t demand much yet you should treat them for their help.

It is not that difficult. Generally, Most scouts spread request pamphlets or forms in mid-December. You will find these forms outside, just look out carefully. Maybe ask your neighbor if they know something about it.

Fill the forms and leave them out on the doorknob. It will be picked on time. Once you fill the request form the scouts will take care of the Christmas tree. You just have to move the Christmas tree outside and forget about it.

Ask the Non-Profit Christmas Tree Collectors

Local communities usually organize a non-profit Christmas tree collection every year. If you hear about something like this then take advantage.

These  Non-Profit Christmas tree collectors can pick the tree and keep you free from worries. You can also help them by collecting trees from your locality if you can.

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Give it to the local Firehouse

You can also check if your local firehouse needs some woods. If they do then ask them to pick up the Christmas tree. Every year local firehouse starts a campaign to collect Christmas trees for firewoods after the holidays.  They can have the woods and you will get rid of it without spending a single penny.

Donate Christmas Tree to the local park or Community Gardens

If no one is there to take the Christmas tree then you can do this. Local parks and community gardens can also use the Christmas tree. They can make mulch or compost and feed it to the plant. It is easier to donate your Christmas tree to these needy gardens. The only problem with this approach is that these gardens usually don’t pick the tree from your residence. You have to deliver these to the garden or parks for disposal. And yes, you have to ask them if they need it before shifting. Else you may have to take the Christmas tree back to your yard.

Check If You Municipal Trash Collector can Handle it

Municipalities are responsible for the sanitization and cleanliness of the community areas. They generally send the Trash collectors to pick the garbage and other wastes. Sometimes they also collect dead trees especially after Christmas and new year celebrations. You can enquire the center if they are running any Christmas tree collection programs. Or look out if they have already collected any Christmas tree from the neighborhood. If they do then you can ask them for the same, or simply leave the tree beside the dumpster. They will take care of it.

Chop the dead Christmas Tree into Mulch

The best and my favorite way of Christmas tree disposal is shredding. Yes, You can chop off the Christmas tree into small pieces. Turn the wood into small 1/2 to 1/4 inch thin pieces. Use it as mulch and save money for spring gardening.

You can do it manually or use a shredder to turn the tree into mulch. Completely dry out these wood chips before mulching in your garden.

You can also earn a lot of money if you do this as a commercial service to your community.

Use The Christmas Tree as a Stake or Support in the Garden

Weeks after Christmas and the new year’s celebration are the laziest days of the year. The hangover of Christmas and the new year is still not over.

If you are feeling sleepy and tire then this is not your fault. We all feel the same but we have to deal with the Christmas tree disposal at any cost. Don’t worry I have an easy solution for you.

Simply leave or place the Christmas tree near vines or creepers beds in the garden. These climbers will occupy the tree and benefited from the support.

Sweet pea, cucumber, gourds, and many other climbers can use this Christmas tree as a garden stake or support stick. If you leave the tree intact then it can last for years before completely decomposing.

Dead Christmas Tree works great for Firewood

Why wasting a Christmas tree if you can use it as firewood. This is wintertime, you will need firewood to make yourself comfy. Don’t you think using the Christmas tree as firewood is more efficient than wasting or buying wood? Think of it as if you can save money by reusing the available woods for a barbeque new year after party.

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Check If Your Water Pond can accommodate a Tree

Man-made ponds or lakes can benefit from sunken trees. You can tie bricks or stones with the trees and sink them in the pond. It will act as a natural playground for the baby fish. They can hide here from big predators.

The Christmas tree will also help in the development of a microenvironment for the marine ecosystem. It is an efficient and 100% eco-friendly way to decompose a couple of Christmas trees at once.

Make sure not to overdo this. Else the pond or lake will turn into a dump yard.

Make some craft out of Dead Christmas Tree

You can also use the tree trunk for making candle stands or glass holders. It is eco-friendly and also enhances the decor.

Making a stand or holder out of these softwood trunks is pretty easy. Cut a 6 to 8 inch even piece from the trunk. Then make a 4 or 5-inch deep hole in the middle of the trunk. Leave 1/2 to 1-inch outer crust or bark intact for firmness. Either paint this or use it like a rusty pen stand or candle stand or anything interesting like that.

You have cut out even circular plates of 1/2 to 1-inch thickness for the trunks. File it evenly and paint before using it as a glass holder.

The use of a Christmas tree is endless. Think more and I am sure you will find tons of interesting ways to dispose of the Christmas Tree. Don’t forget to share your innovations with us.

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