Eco-Friendly Ways to Decorate Christmas Tree

Christmas is the biggest celebration of the year. This year let’s celebrate a green Christmas. You can start with some Eco-Friendly Ways to decorate Christmas Trees. Don’t worry you will like the look and feel. There is a lot to do with eco-friendly Christmas, just expand your imagination. You can use scrap paper, fabrics, dry leaves, twigs, old milk cartons, empty tuna cans, wheat flour, fruits like grapes, oranges, apples, pomegranate, and many more things to make this Christmas very special.

The whole idea of eco-friendly decoration depends on your dedication to keep the carbon footprint low. The best way to do this is by Reusing, Restoring, and Recycling. Indeed, a 100% shift towards eco-friendly green Christmas is quite a bit yet at least you should try to keep your carbon footprint low. It’s not that difficult.

Eco-Friendly Ways to Decorate Christmas Tree
Eco-Friendly Ways to Decorate Christmas Tree

Being eco-friendly doesn’t mean that you have to rely only on plant products. You should avoid plastic use but reuse and recycling old plastic bottles and the container is more eco-friendly than dumping them into drainage holes. So think openly and avoid any wastage as it is very common with the Christmas holiday.

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How to Keep your Christmas Eco-friendly?

  1. Try to Use a live Christmas plant for decoration. You can either grow one or rent a live Christmas tree from an authentic supplier.
  2. Christmas LEDs are a better option than fluorescent bulbs. It can save a lot of energy and money.
  3. Use scrap paper for decoration. You can use Old newspaper and paper wraps for gift wrapping and Christmas tree makeovers.
  4. Make colors from flowers and leaves. It is not that difficult as it sounds. Simply crush the leaves and flowers to extract pigments. Stain wheat flor or talcum powder with these pigments. Dry the colored powders and use them for decoration. These colors are 100% safe and eco-friendly.
  5. Plant-based glitters and sparkles are easily available in the market. Instead of using plastic glitters, you can use plant-based glitters. Though these plant-based glitters are a little expensive than ordinary glitters. But spending this much money is worth it if it saves nature alongside.
  6. Make beautiful Christmas ornaments with available materials. You can cut out small stars, angels, and other figurines from waste plastic and metal cans. They are durable and reusable. Most importantly recycling and reusing can save your money as well as the planet earth.
  7. Choose an Eco-friendly Christmas gift for your loved ones. Plantable greeting cards have become very popular in the last few years. They fulfill their purpose of sending well wishes to the receiver and at the end can be planted to get lots of new plants. Instead of dumping paper cards in the garbage, you can use these plantable cards to grow flowers and veggies for a lovely memory.
  8. Buy green food items from local gardens and farmers. It is a healthy and economic practice. You can support your community with this purchase. And yes, buying local groceries can reduce your carbon footprint.
  9. Finally, recycle the dead Christmas tree once the holidays end. Shred-it and use as mulch instead of burning or dumping.

Eco-Friendly ways to Decorate Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is the main attraction of the celebration. It must look good and attractive. Usually, we use lots of decorations and lights to make the tree look perfect. It’s ok but do you know how to decorate the Christmas tree in an eco-friendly way? Don’t worry if you feel puzzled. I am here to help you out with eco-friendly Christmas tree decorations.

You can start the decoration by preparing the requirements. Make a checklist of necessary items and also add something optional in case you need it.

Start with searching for old scraps in your garage and kitchen. If you have children in the house then this task can become fun. Just as them to find anything interesting and give them a treat.

Look Out for-
  • Old Newspaper and paper wraps
  • Plastic Water Bottles, Containers
  • Tuna cans, empty glass jars
  • Strings and threads
  • Big leaves and dry twigs of 4 to 6 inches
  • Milk cartons, juice cartons
  • Plastic bottle caps of different colors and sizes.
  • Old fabric, clothes, Ribbons, and buttons.

Necessary items that you will need

Eco-Friendly Christmas tree decoration ideas

Eco-Friendly Ways to Decorate Christmas Tree

Green Candle Stands

You will need:

  • A glass or transparent container
  • 10 or more dead branches or twigs of a minimum of 4 inches.
  • Hot Glue
  • Green color optional.
  • A Candle or light

What to do?

You can use dark twigs or color them green. Paste these twigs on the outer side of the glass making an even circular cover. The twigs should hide the glass properly. Finally, place the candle in this holder and lit it. This green or dark woody candle holder will give a wild vibe to your Christmas decoration.

Ribbon Christmas Flags

You will need:

  • Ribbons or fabric strips
  • Hot glue
  • Twigs or dead branches.
  • Some threads optional

What to do?

Take a 4 to 6-inch dead branch or twig from any tree. Wrap some ribbons around the branch close enough to give compact look. Cut the edge of the ribbons at an angle from top to bottom. Then harden the ribbons with hot glue. Finally, it will look like a triangular Christmas art piece.

Origami Christmas Ornaments

Use old paper to make different origami structures. Some artificial birds, animals, trees, or flowers can make your Christmas tree look wild and rusty.

There is still some time available to learn a few origami techniques.

Paper Lanterns and art pieces

Paper lanterns and hangings are easy to make at a very low cost. In fact, you don’t have to spend any money if you have some paper and glue. old newspapers are best suitable for paper lanterns. Simply color the papers and use them for decoration purposes.

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Christmas Wreath with Old Greeting Cards

A Christmas wreath is already green and natural biodegradable product. Either you can use it in the usual forms or make something interesting with the available resources. In fact, you can use old greeting cards to prepare a beautiful attractive Christmas wreath.

Just shape the cards in an abstract manner and arrange them in a circular pattern to replicate a wreath. Place the wreath at the front door and notice the reaction of the visitors.

Christmas tree with old Platic bottles

A plastic bottle Christmas tree is an old yet beautiful decoration idea. You have to scrape off the bottom of the bottle and mark vertical cuts throughout the neck to the bottom. Leave the cap holder attached to the stripes of plastic. In fact, these straps will make the conical tree structure of a Christmas tree. Optionally you can put an LEd to glow the plastic Christmas tree.

Bead decoration with Colorful buttons and bottle caps

Thread multiple colorful buttons and bottle caps to decorate the Christmas tree. It is a unique idea and will definitely enhance the decor of your Christmas tree.

Rubber Stamp cuttings and Christmas figurines

You can cut out small Christmas figurines from old plastic or rubber stamps. Either use a pair of scissors or a molding cutter if you have it available.

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Paper ball hanging Christmas decoration

Make some small fist size paper balls and color them. These beautiful colorful paper balls can replace plastic decors. In fact, you can hang these paper balls in the Christmas tree. They are light, eco-friendly, and very cost-effective to prepare.

And Many More…

There is simply no limit to Christmas decoration. The only limit is your imagination, think big, and give this Christmas a unique look.

 Final Words

There is a lot you can do to make this Christmas eco-friendly. Just think about it and try to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle the available material. This is your Christmas so you can do anything that makes it beautiful.


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