Why are flowers Brightly Colored?

All of us like beautiful flowers. You can find 100’s of flowers with 1000 different color varieties. Some are plain, light, simple as white while others have bright, vibrant reds and blues. All of them have their own charm and attraction. But do you know how they get their color, Why do flowers have bright colors? The main reason for vivid bright color petals is to support reproduction.

Why are flowers Brightly Colored?
Why are flowers Brightly Colored?

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Why are Flowers brightly colored?

The vibrant bright colors of every flower are used to attract pollinators. These colors help the flower to attract various pollinators. Yes, as simple as it is. All the beautiful colors and sweet smell is to attract birds and bees to support pollination.

Interesting fact– Different shades of colors attract different pollinators. Bright orange, yellow, purple color attract butterflies whereas blue, yellow, and purple attract more bees. Hummingbirds are attracted toward bright colored flowers with a sweet smell.

These colors are the gift of evolution. Bright color flowers are found on plants that depend on pollinators for reproduction. This characteristic is developed with the generations of evolution to gain attraction.

Different colors attract different creatures like bees, wasps, butterflies, ants, and moths. These insects act as pollinators and ensure the continuation of heredity.

Primitive flowers were not so colorful. The main reason behind this was that they don’t need any vector or pollinator to fertilize. Those flowers have both male and female parts in them. They can form gametes and fertilize on their own.

The need for agents to carry pollen from one flower to another raises the requirement of different pollinators. Plants with unisexual flowers contain stamen and anther separately. These pollinators carry pollen from anther of one flower to the stamen of another.

The assurance of successful heredity depends on pollination. The plant needs some pollinators for successful pollination. To attract a variety of pollinators these plants develop flowers with a variety of colors. Ultimately the vibrant bright color patterns of flowers ensure the survival of plant species.

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What makes flowers so Beautiful?

The beautiful colors of different flowers are soothing to our eyes. Colorful flowers create a sense of calm and stability. The impact of flowers on our feelings thought and understanding makes them so beautiful.

Our mind responds differently to different colors. This is why we represent Red Roses for love, Rage, aggression, and White for peace, calm, and politeness. The actual feeling behind colorful flowers makes them look beautiful.

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How do flowers get bright colors?

Flowers get their bright color from various pigments produced by the plant. These pigments contain several minerals, and amino acids.

The pigment absorb certain wavelength of light leaving others to reflect specific color. We all known about chlorophyll. It is a plant pigment that absorbs bright red and blue wavelength of light. It reflects reflect back green wavelength which makes the leaves look green.

Some flowers contains Caratonide which gives bright orange color to carots, tomatoes, and sunflowers. The Bright Red, purple and blue clore is due to Anthocynins. It is a common flavonoid among 9000 others found in plants.

Different colors of beautiful flowers are due to the presence of various flavonoid, caratonoids, and anthocyanins.

Final Words

Flowers get their colors form natural pigments. These pigment absorb several wavelength of light leaving others to represent color of flowers. The flowers use these colors to attract pollinators. The pollinators like bees and butterflies helps the plant to reproduce.

A bee sits on a flower to consume nector, meanwhile some pollen stick on its body. The pollen gets deposited on the stigma of another flower. Fertilization continues with the formation of a fruit. The fruit contains some seed to grow new plant and the cycle continues.

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I’ll be back with something more interesting. Till then Keeep Reading keep gardening!


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