15 Traditional Italian Flowers: You can easily Grow

Here are some traditional Italian Flowers. Italy is one of the most visited European countries in the world. According to recent reports, Italy is estimated to receive the 4th largest population of international travelers every year. It makes us think why do they like Italy so much? And the answer is the sere beauty and greenery of Italy. It has many beautiful landscapes and beautiful countrysides. Above all the most important a lot of beautiful flowers. Therefore, we can consider Italy as a land of Flower and Greenery.

Orange -Tree Flower, White Lily, Violets, White Poppy along with White, Yellow, and Pink Roses are some of the most beautiful and traditional Italian flowers. I think most of these flowers are quite easy to grow. And also adds vibrant calm colors to the garden. Interested to know more- Keep Reading!. Buy Flower Seeds online amazon.

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4 Types of Italian Flowers

  1. Wildflowers
  2. Vines
  3. Roses
  4. Herbs

20 Traditional Italian Flowers

  1. Oleanders
  2. Bougainvillea
  3. Jasmine
  4. Crocus
  5. Cyclamen
  6. Bluebell
  7. Violets
  8. Periwinkles
  9. Alpine Pasque Flower
  10. Spring Gentians
  11. Aquilegia
  12. Aster Alpinus
  13. Convolvulus
  14. Cornflower
  15. Cosmos bipinnate
  16. Dahlia Semplice
  17. Gazania
  18. Geranium A Grandi Fiori
  19. Giant Daisy Margherita Gigante
  20. Lunaria O Moneta



Nerium or Oleanders are common names of this cute pink flower. White, pink, red, and purple are the color varieties of Oleanders. These five-lobed flowers are produced in a bunch. Widely cultivated in temperate and subtropical areas worldwide.

Oleanders are shrubs or small trees perfect for your home garden. You cannot grow it in a pot. But you can decorate your room. And the best thing is that it grows very easily and you do not need to put lots of effort.



Bougainvillea is one of the very unique and beautiful flowers. A genus of thorny ornamental bushes, vines, or trees can cover your house wall or gate. It can scramble over with the spikey thorns. You can grow it easily and I’m sure the flower is going to attract everyone’s attention.

The flowers are actually very small in size and are surrounded by big bracts. You can see the three tiny flowers in the center. There are three colorful leaflike waxy bracts to protect the flowers. Purple and white color Bougainvillea flowers are common. It has many color varieties like yellow, pink, red peach, and blue.



Jasmine a genus of vines or shrubs. It has more than 200 species found in tropical or warm temperate regions. Jasmine flowers are widely cultivated worldwide for the divine fragrance of the flowers. These are mainly beautiful white flowers.

Growing jasmine in your garden will not only increase the beauty but also spread the fragrance. The scent of jasmine will keep your entire garden smelling. You will love spending more time in your garden than in your room.



Crocus is a very popular Italian flower. These cute cup shaper flowers are cultivated for saffron spice. The opening of flowers is a broad cup-shaped and narrow tube-like towards the bottom. Leaves are long grass-like. Crocus sativas are specially cultivated for the saffron obtained from the stigma of the flower.



These beautiful purple flowers of cyclamen are said to be eaten by pigs. Hence, named swinebread or sowbread flower. The roots, leaves, and flowers of this plant grow from a tuber. It has pink, white and purple color verities. Flowers have panels arrangement similar to butterfly wings with dark color shade no nose. There are many different species of this cyclamen flower. It is one of the most pretty Italian flowers.



The Bluebell plant grows from a bulb and is also called a bluebell. Its mane is derived from the bell-like shape of the flowers. It is a cute sweer-scented violet-blue flower. Flowers bloom facing downwards like hanging bells. 5-6 or more tiny flowers grow on a single base stem.



Violet or viola is a term used mainly for small annual plants or shrubs including wild plants. These tiny flowers with yellow center look super cute and are very easy to grow too. It is perfect to decorate your home garden purple-blue flowers. These flowers have heart-shaped petals and are also called wild viola.


Periwinkle has many names- Catharanthus rose, bright eyes, old maid, rose periwinkle, pink periwinkle, and Cape periwinkle. It is a medicinal and an ornamental plant. It is also used in Some cancer medicines. Pink, purple, and white are a common color verity of this plant.

Alpine Pasque Flower

alpina pulsatilla

Alpine pasque is also called Pulsatilla Alpina or Alpine Anemone.  It has deeply divided lives and with hairy texture and dropping beautiful flowers. Alpine anemone is definitely a beautiful flower that can attract everyone’s attention towards your garden. The beautiful flowers persist on the plant for weeks. The blue and white flower with a hairy silky texture looks very beautiful.

Spring Gentian

gentiana verna italian flowers

A bright vivid blue with white color in the center makes it look like twinkling stars. Spring Gentiana or Gentiana Verna are common names of this flower. Spring and early summer are the time when they produce flowers.

These are smaller flowers with a short supportive stem. Gentiana flower attracts Bumblebees, butterflies, and also ants get attracts. You can grow them to have some cute guests in your home garden.


Aquilegia italian flowers

Aquilegia is a Latin word which means eagle. The shape of the petals resembles the claw of the eagle. Columbine and granny’s bonnet are common names of aquilegia. Some of these flowers are edible. This plant provides favorite food for butterflies and moth also. You need to take a little care of these cute flowers.

Aster Alpinus

blue alpine daisy italian flowers

Aster Alpinus flowers look very similar to sunflowers. You can call them blue alpine daisy or Alpine aster. It blooms in blue, violet-lavender, white, and pink. These beautiful flowers are always an attraction for bees, birds. butterflies and the most important humans.


bindweed itanian flowers

Convolvulus has two common names- morning glory and Bindweed. There are a huge species of bindweed in the world. The plan has spirally arranged leaves and trumpet-shaped flowers. You can found many color varieties of convolvulus flowers. Common colors are Blue, violet, pink, white, and yellow.

Some species of bindweed are highly invasive weed. Whereas, people cultivate some of the species for their attractive flowers. You can grow them too but need to have proper knowledge of this family.


italians flowers Cornflower

You know this flower as Cornflower, Bachelor’s button, or Centaurea cyanus.  It is basically a weed that looks so beautiful. Cornflowers grow like a weed in the field with grains or corn. We grow this plant as an ornamental plant.

The flower for this plant has a bunch of florets. There is a central disk floret surrounded with cute little florets. They are intensely blue, purple, or pink. Dried flowers are also used a herbal tea.

Cosmos bipinnate

Cosmos bipinnate

Cosmos are flowers of the sunflower family. These are generally annual plants with beautiful flowers. Leaves are either pinnate or bipinnate. In pinnate leaves, there are the single axis and leaves grow both sides like feathers. In bipinnate, Leaves have lots of pinnate leaves on the common axis.

Cosmos is a very common garden plant. It has a huge color variety including, Blue, purple, white, pink, red, and yellow.

Dahlia Semplice

italian flowers Dahlia pinnata

Dahlia Semplice Is a flower from the dahlia family. It is one of the most popular Italian garden flowers. Common names of Dahlia Semplice is garden dahlia or dahlia pinata. There is a huge color variety including, pink, purple, red, maroon, pink, yellow, white, and Blue. It has a huge variety of flowers with different colors and petal shapes.


Italian Gazania

Gazania is summer flowers with worm beautiful color shades. The flower has a central disk similar to sunflower and flower head similar to Daisy. The unique yellow and orange color combination makes it an eye-catching flower. The beautiful shade and pretty petals will definitely make your garden look beautiful.

Geranium A Grandi Fiori

Geranium A Grandi Fiori italian

Geranium A Grandi Fiori is also called a garden geranium and zonal geranium. The flowers of this Italian plant grow in bunch forming a ball-like structure. The light flower balls cover the plant and look very beautiful. Pink, red, white, and blue is common color varieties of geranium. you can plant them in soil pots or flower beds.

Giant Daisy Margherita Gigante

Leucanthemum vulgare

Giant daisy Margherita Gigante is also called Leucanthemum vulgare, Oxeye, or ox-eye daisy and dog daisy. It has beautiful long white petals with huge yellow disc floret. It looks very pretty and blooms in spring.

This species is declared as a weed in some areas. But also, it is used as a garden flower world wide. You need to do proper cutting and cleaning of your garden after planting.

Lunaria O Moneta

lunaria o moneta

Italian call these Lunaria O Moneta del papa flowers. It has some interesting names- Honesty, Annual honesty, or silver coin plant (due to its coin-like shape). Some people think the seeds resemble the moon and call it Lunaria. In some regions, it is a silver dollar plant or honesty plant.

This is one of the most unique Italian flower plants. The flower looks like a simple purple flower. But the seeds are the center of attraction of the plant. It has yellow, purple, pink, and white color variants.

Italian Flower Related to Funeral & Mourning

Chrysanthemums are considered as the flowers or funeral & mourning in Italy. However, you should avoid these beautiful flowers as gifts. Do not gift for auspicious occasions, especially during marriage and birthdays.

Which is Your Favorit Italian Flower? Do you have one in your garden? Let us know. Share your thoughts, views, and suggestion in the comment box.

I’ll be back with more Interesting garden ideas. Till then Stay Tuned Keep Reading, Keep Gardening!


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