20 Plants with Taproots- Know the Root System

Welcome back, friends. This is another post in the series of knowing the root systems. My previous post was Plants with fibrous roots. You can check it with the given link. Today we will discuss the Taproot system and some plants with taproots.

Without wasting any time, let’s start the discussion.

plants with taproots
plants with taproots

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What is Tap Root?

The root develops from a germinating seed is the taproot. It has no initial branches. Latter on this root grows Thick and provides central support to the plant.

Taproot is the main root of the plant. In simple words, we can say that the root developed from seed is the taproot.

Technically a taproot is a central dominant root structure that supports plant growth. Fibrous roots generally grow from this main root.

Taproot supports continuous growth in the height of the plant. It seems very interesting as many of the plants having tap root systems are small bushes or shrubs. It is the beauty of nature. There are always some exceptions to explore.

Do you know?– Almost every plant growing from a seed develops a taproot system. Some continue to use and develop this root throughout their lives whereas others may divide this task in numerous adventitious or fibrous roots.

tap root vs fibrous roots
Taproot vs Fibrous roots

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How to Identify Tap Root in a Plant?

Identifying a taproot is not very difficult. Sometimes simple overlook is enough to find the taproot. Before proceeding, let us first understand- Why do we need to Identify taproot in a plant?

There are 2 main reasons for the question. First is the obvious one, We need to identify a taproot to study and observe its structure. The second reason is a more specific one. Generally, skilled Bonsai makers take care of this. They search for the main roots and prune it carefully. This is an important step in bonsai making but we are not going to discuss that.

Next how to identify taproots in any plant?- to identify taproot you should observe the base of the shoot. If there are few roots then check out for the thicker of them, it is the taproot. Else check the one that contains the maximum number of fibrous roots attached to it. Definitely this will be the taproot.

Hey! Be careful don’t waste time searching without knowing if the plant has any taproot or not. Sometimes you cannot distinguish the difference between taproot and fibrous root just by seeing it. SO be smart, make sure that the chosen plant must have one.

Types Of Tap Roots

Generally, the Taproot system doesn’t have any specific differentiation for types or variations. Instead, they have given names based on the shape they acquire on maturity. There are many significant differences observed in taproot throughout the globe. Still, there are only 3 prominent types of taproot according to shape.

  1. Conical root: As the name suggests this type of root has a significant conical shape. This is the most common type of taproot. This type of root has a wide top and tapering conical ends. Carrot is a common example of a conical root system.
  2. Fusiform root: These roots have a wider middle section and tapering top and bottom ends. You can think of it as a two-sided fusion of conical roots. A common example of the fusiform root is Radish.
  3. Napiform root: Widder top and pointed bottom ends is significant in Napiform root. It is a top like structure that is confined to smaller shape and space. Turnip is an example of Napiform roots.

20 Plants with Tap Root System

Taproot is very common in the plant kingdom. There are 1000 or even millions of plants having taproots. Here I have listed some very common plants having defined tap root systems. This list is just an example of plants that have well-defined taproots. Check out all of these.

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  1. Beetroot
  2. Burdock
  3. Carrot
  4. Sugar beet
  5. Dandelion
  6. Parsley
  7. Parsnip
  8. Poppy mallow
  9. Radish
  10. Sagebrush
  11. Turnip
  12. Common milkweed
  13. Cannabis
  14. oaks
  15. Elms
  16. Pines
  17. Firs
  18. Mango
  19. Papaya
  20. Jackfruit
20 Plants with Taproots
20 Plants with Taproots

Interesting Facts about plants with taproots

Do you Know?- Mangoes and papayas grown from seeds have a taproot. But if you buy one from a plant seller then it won’t have one. Sold plants only have fibrous roots because these are grafted or air layered plants.

Interestingly, These plants can develop main roots after several years of successful growth.

2) Turnip and Radish Look similar in structure but they have different root systems. Turnip has napiform roots whereas radish has fusiform roots.

Final Words

I hope this list of plants with taproots is useful to you. It is a basic information post. I know there are many other plants that have taproots. I have missed many but if you want, you can suggest to me some update on this list. Waiting for your precious comments and suggestion.

Stay Home stay safe and keep gardening.

Live the Green!

Credit: Wikipedia and all my readers.


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