Are Rainbow Roses Real or Fake? Something to Know

Are Rainbow Rose flowers Real?- Yes, Rainbow Roses are real flowers. These Rose flowers are as real as any other rose as an English rose.

You may have seen these colorful roses in the bouquet but finding them in a plant is a different aspect. In fact, These rainbow roses are 100% real but their colors are not.

The colors we see in any Rainbow rose is artificially induced into its petals to create a rainbow effect.

Technically we can say that Rainbow roses are real but not natural flowers.

are rainbow roses real or fake
Are rainbow roses real or fake?

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Are Rainbow Roses Real?

All roses including Rainbow roses are real flowers. The colors may look vibrant and unnatural – as they are but the flowers are true roses.

Sometimes it is contradicting to say that a flower is real but the color is fake. Actually, It is contradicting but true to every word especially for rainbow roses.

Yes, It is a fact that Rainbow Roses are real flower but their color is not real. No natural Rose can form petals with multiple flowers.

Again many of us can argue that roses with variated colors are available. Yes, you are are right, even I have one with red and white patterns. So How can I say rainbow Rose is not a real flower with rainbow color?

The main reason is that in nature every flower follows a definite pattern with color and arrangement of petals. You can observe it easily. Most of the roses have regular patterns of colors, it may be variated still in a uniform pattern.

The difference is that Rainbow roses show clear separation in color from one petal to others. You will find one Pink petal and other perfect green or blue. This not possible with uniformity law.

Also, the natural colors of flowers are created by pigments of different compositions. Naturally, the blend of color will be fine on edges. It will fade out at edges which is not natural.

Another solid evidence of fake rainbow color in roses is the Water test. You can test the colors of rainbow roses by just dipping them into a glass of water. Leave the flowers for just 2 minutes and you will see the magic. The color in the petals will start smudging and after some time everything will mix into one another.

This is one reason why you can’t have a vase full of rainbow roses. Above all, It is clear that Rainbow roses are real flowers with fake Colors.

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Are Rainbow Rose seeds Real?

Nope, Rainbow Rose seeds are not real. In most cases, these seeds are not even rose seeds. I can assure you coz I’ve been cheated thrice on eBay for the rainbow rose seeds.

I was aware that Rainbow roses are not real natural flowers. Still, I had ordered these seeds only to check what these sellers are sending. Trust me 2 out of 3 times the seed I got were not even rose seeds. Nothing germinated, not even a single seed germinated.

Actually, The sellers will send you some seeds. These are real seeds but not a rainbow rose seed. Even if the seeds germinated and with luck if it is a rose plant – still you will not get those Rainbow Rose for sure.

If you get real rose seeds then most like it will grow into some wild rose varieties. I doubt if you will get any flowers on that.

If you are lucky in getting some flower then please share your experience with us.

Up to now, I can say that Rainbow Rose Seeds are not Real. At least I can’t trust it.

Online Rainbow Rose Seeds(Amazon store)

Should you buy Rainbow Rose seeds online?- You can buy Rose seeds online. In fact, buying online seeds is a great way to explore what available worldwide. But… Yes, a Big But with the quest of Rainbow Rose. First of all these flowers don’t grow naturally so they don’t bear fruits or seeds.

So You will not get Rainbow Roses from any seeds. Therefore, I will not recommend buying Rainbow Rose seeds online or from anywhere. Anyone who tries to sell these is actually fracking out the truth. You can only trust someone if the flowers are natural. If the rose is not natural then the point of having seed is entirely fake. Trust me it is a big Scam, still, it is up to you whether you want to buy it or not.

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Can You Grow Rainbow Roses?

No, You can not grow Rainbow Roses. Rainbow Roses are not real rose varieties. Actually, these flowers are just prepared for decoration purposes.

These Rainbow roses were initially prepared to attract flower lovers and enthusiasts. Later it becomes a trend and people start buying these for decoration purposes.

The increase in demand raises the need for sellers. The high economic value creates an opportunity for this hoax. Those who love roses will definitely pay for rainbow roses. This situation presents a way to grow Rainbow roses even if it is fake.

Many sellers and bloggers are taking advantage of these growing demands and make room for extra earning.

With all these technical facts I can say that Rainbow roses a not be grown. You can’t buy a plant with a rainbow rose.

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Where to Buy Rainbow Roses?

Commercial flower sellers can provide Rainbow Roses. The quality and price may vary but you can buy one if you need it.

The best place to buy a rainbow rose is a bouquet and flower store. If you are not sure about the availability then just as the seller to provide.

Is Rainbow Rose Artificially Prepared? 

Yes, rainbow Roses are prepared artificially. These colorful roses are not grown naturally. Instead, some plain rose flower is selected for the coloring process.

Vendela, La Belle and Avalanche varieties are the best rose variety to prepare Rainbow Roses. Generally, white flowers are selected for this process. Vendela is a better variety with brighter color saturation and fill.

The rainbow roses are prepared by coloring the petals of other roses in different colors. The petals of roses are not colored from outside. Instead, The stem of these roses is split and dipped into different color pigments.

The fresh flowers absorb the colors through their vascular bundle. The colors get deposited in the petals and the water gets evaporated.

These colors are carefully selected to present a beautiful overview of a Rainbow. It is a perfect skill-based task. Time is not a big factor as this process can finish in just a few hours.

Therefore, It is good to say that Rainbow Roses are artificially prepared flowers.

Can you Prepare Rainbow Rose on your own?

Yes, You can make your own Rainbow Rose at home. It just requires a Beautiful white or Yellow English rose, Some natural colors, 3-4 small containers like a bottle or glass.

  • Step1: Don’t cut the long stem of the Rose flower. First split the stem end into 3 to 6 sections. Do this step carefully, don’t break the stem. It will carry the colors to the petals. Try not to damage any of these splits.
  • Step2: Take the glasses and fill the colors separately. Keep all the containers or glass close enough so that every single stem can be dipped separately. Carefully put one stem section in each glass. Don’t break any stem piece, it should be fixed with the flower end.
  • Step3: Leave the flower for 1-2 hours. you will notice the deposition of different colors in the petals. It may look distorted but with a few more try, everything will be fine.
  • Step4: After Some time Takeout the flower and leave it to dry a bit. Don’t put it in the sun- Be smart. Just let the petals and stem to remove the excess of water.
  • Step5: Repeat this coloring process once more. This is an optional step but if done carefully then you can get beautiful bright rainbow color on your Rose. You can skip this if you like.

Next, Don’t put these rainbow roses in the water again. Excess of water will dilute the colors. Also, Don’t dry it out in the sun. Bright light and heat will fade the color eventually. Remember this is not natural. You should not treat a Rainbow rose as an ordinary one.

Rainbow roses are only meant for decoration especially to attract you. You can create these beautiful roses on your own at home if you like. Good luck with your experiment. Please share your experience with us.

Final Words

Yes, Rainbow Roses are real flowers but with fake colors. You can not grow a Rainbow Rose. Most of the Rainbow rose seeds sold online are either fake or worthless. You can buy Rainbow seeds online but I doubt they will grow, Take the risk and try once if you like.

Finally, you can grow your own Rainbow roses at home or I must say You can make one for sure. Write down your views and comments on today’s question Are Rainbow Roses Real or Fake? I would definitely share the best responses. Good luck keep reading Keep gardening.

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