How to Plant Rainbow Rose Seeds?

Do You know about Rainbow Roses- Today we will discuss How to Plant Rainbow Rose Seeds? Colorful Rainbow roses are a delight for the eyes. Everyone likes these flowers. Although the color and variance are usually not right. A real rose can have one or two or a few more colors in them. Although growing a Rainbow Rose with a real 7 color spectrum is extraordinary and trust me it’s not easy. For Truth Rainbow roses as we see in images are not real. Most of them are Created or doctored images.

If you really want to create a rainbow rose then use pigmentation techniques. It works with the principle of upward displacement. In simple words, we have to split the flower stem into 5 or more segments after harvesting. Next, dip each segment into a different color pigment without breaking their joint. The colors will move upward to the Rose petals giving them a unique multicolor look. It looks great though this is a manual and temporary method.

You can instead try to grow multicolor hybrid roses. There are Plenty of Rose varieties available to choose but neither of them is available in seeds. If you find some viable rose seeds then you can grow them. For more details learn  How to Plant Rainbow Rose Seeds? Give it a try and share your experience with all of us.

How to Plant Rainbow Rose Seeds?
How to Plant Rainbow Rose Seeds?

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How to Plant Rainbow Rose Seeds?

First of all, Rainbow roses are real flowers. If you have any dought then visit your local flower shop for the query. You will definitely find a Multicolor rose with the name of Rainbow rose. It will not resemble exactly what you have imagined yet it’s a Rose and a beautiful one. Rainbow Rose is real therefore You can grow them in your garden.

Most Hybrid Rose and English Roses are grown from their grafts. They do not produce fruits with seeds. Even if they manage to produce some fruits, the chances of having viable seeds in pretty low. After all of these odds, it seems that you can’t have multicolor rose seeds. Although this is not true. Nature always surprises us with miracles and Hybrid rose seed is one of them.

It is quite rare though you can find Rainbow Rose Seeds. you can find rose seeds on Amazon and hope some of them are real. At least you can expect to get Real rose seeds else sometimes the seed you get is not rose seeds.

According to my experience, I would suggest verifying the seller for the authenticity and viability of Rose seeds before purchase. You might get fraud if you ignore this step.

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Choose Rainbow Rose Seeds

Many seed sellers and nurseries are selling Rainbow rose seeds online. Choosing the best one among all can be tricky sometimes. If you are having similar issues then start by reviewing customer feedback on each of them.

The number of sales with positive responses suggests the viability and authenticity of the Rainbow rose seeds. Trust me you will find a ton of fake reviews on most of them. Read them carefully to confirm what’s real. After all, it will cost you both time and money to grow these Rainbow roses.

A Real Rose seed looks similar to a pomegranate seed without any flesh. The size of these seeds may vary although their shape always remains the same.

Stratification of Rose Seeds

All types of Roses including the rainbow rose seeds can benefit from winter treatment. This is also known as the Stratification of Rose seeds.

This is a simple method that mimics winter-like conditions to initiate sprouting in Rose seeds. At first, the seeds are cooled below 40 degrees Fahrenheit for a few weeks. The temperature further drops down to 30 degrees or low before rising. The gradual rise in temperature wakes up the seed from dormancy and forces it to germinate faster.

You can follow this step by cooling the Rose seeds for 3-5 weeks. Don’t freeze the seeds rather place them in the vegetable section. Take them out after 4 to 6  weeks for the germination process.

Prepare Germination Media for Rainbow Rose

Rainbow rose Seeds require soft moist and slightly acidic media to germinate. Therefore I use 30% Compost with a fine 50% Cocopeat and 20% Perlite mixture to germinate rose seeds. It is a 100% soilless mixture. If you are uncomfortable with Soilless mix then Add 10-20% sand-soil mixture to this media and adjust the cocopeat. It will work better with high water retention.

Rose seeds need special care during germination till transplant. So you should prepare a seedling tray for these seeds. They will not perform well in garden soil.

You must understand that this is a complex process. Rose seed doesn’t germinate as easily as any other flower seed. It will require a lot of time, effort, and dedication to achieve success. Even with all of your dedication the efforts the germination rate will never exceed 55%. Only 3 out of 10 seeds germinate in the best case and only half of them survive till maturity.

The blooming rate and conditions are even less than the rate of germination. All of this depends on the Germination so start carefully and prepare before starting.

Germinate Rose Seeds

  • Select 2-4 inch deep compartmentalized Seedling Tray for germinating Rose Seeds. The individual plastic seedling tray also works for this purpose.
  • Fill each compartment of the seedling tray with cocopeat and compost mix. Leave 1/2 inch space on top of each compartment or the seedling tray.
  • Place 2 seeds in each compartment or place them at a 3-inch distance in the seedling tray. maintain a uniform depth of 1/4 inch below the surface for healthy seed germination.
  • Water the soil mix or growing media to dampen it thoroughly. the Water should drip out for the bottom drainage holes.
  • Wrap the seedling tray with a clean transparent plastic sheet and place it over a heating mat. You can also place the seedling tray near the window where it can receive partial sunlight. If sunlight is not abundant then use grow lights for seed germination.
  • Take Care of the seedling tray and keep the soil mix warm and hydrated. Use contact fungicide with water to prevent fungal growth in the soil mix.
  • These Rainbow rose seeds will start germinating within 20 days with proper care.

Acclimatize Rose Seedlings

  • Rose seedlings are very delicate. They should acclimatize before shifting to outside climates. Rose seedlings that grow indoors are not adaptable to open garden conditions. They can’t survive direct sunlight or wind chill. So you have to help them acclimatize before the final transplant.
  • Acclimatization of rose seedlings starts with a brief introduction of outside conditions. This includes moving the seedlings outside for a few hours every day.
  • Increase the outside time by a few hours per week. The seedlings will acclimatize for 10-12 hours for outside daylight within 8-10weeks of treatment.
  • Finally, leave a few feelings from each batch outside for a couple of days. If they survive then your Rainbow rose seedlings are ready for transplant.

Grow Rainbow Rose Seedlings

  • Once Rose seedlings grow to a height of 4 inches they are ready for acclimatization.
  • During acclimatization, they will slow down their growth in order to adapt to changing temperatures.
  • Transplant these rose seedlings to individual 8-inch containers Once their acclimatization process is over.
  • Leave these seedlings in the container for the next 3 to 6 months. During this time care for the seedlings. Feed them properly and keep them well hydrated.
  • Most of these Rose seedlings will be ready for final transplant after 8 months of germination. By this time you have already lost 80% of the initial seedling. Don’t worry it is obvious for everyone, you are not alone. Those lucky ones are the best of them all.
  • Grow the Rose Plants in 10 to 12-inch containers with 30% black soil, 30% compost,20% cocopeat, 10% Sand,10% Perlite, and a pinch of a contact fungicide. Add NPK fertilizer and flower booster once every month with Epsom salt for best blooms in these rainbow Rose Seedling.

Care For Rainbow Rose Seedlings

  • Remove weeds and grass and keep the soil clean for healthy root growth of the Rose seedlings.
  • Rose seedlings require light watering. Avoid making the soil soggy. Instead water only once it feels dry on the top.
  • Feed the Seedlings with NPK 20:20:20 twice every month or Surperphospphate and potash fertilizer once every month. Also, add compost as much to keep the soil healthy. Mustard cake powder and Epsom salt are also good for Rose plant growth.
  • Gently prune the Rose plants once in three months until they start blooming. This will encourage new branching in the plant making it bushier.
  • Hard prune mature plants to 40% height in early fall every year. This will force the plant to grow and bloom early in spring.
  • Once these Rainbow rose seedlings start blooming then enjoy beautiful flowers. Possibly they may not look as expected yet you can expect them to be beautiful enough to please everyone. Don’t forget to remove dead and spent flowers to prevent seed formation.

Final Words

How to Plant Rainbow Rose Seeds? Buy some Rainbow rose seeds and hope they are genuine. Germinate the rose seed and grow them in moist growing media. Care the seedlings for several months once they germinate. Transplant the rose seedling to a bigger container with healthy soil mix and care until they began to bloom.

Write your opinion in the comment section. Enjoy reading and Keep Gardening!


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