Zucchini Companion Plants: What can I plant with Zucchini?

What Can I plant With Zucchini?– Zucchini or summer squash is a popular member of well know garden trio-” The Three Sisters”. It is named due to the compatibility and codependency of three important plants, i.e, Beans, Squash, and Corn. Therefore the best Zucchini companion plants are Beans, corn, and squash, or the zucchini itself.

All three members of the three sisters have some important offering for the other. The bean plant fix nitrates in the soil which is necessary for both zucchini and corn. The Corn plant provides a sturdy backbone to support the bean vine. Finally the Zucchini plant help in ground cover and soil moisture retention. Collectively these three plants can support each other very well. Buy Zucchini seeds on Amazon.

Zucchini Companion Plants What can I plant with Zucchini
Zucchini Companion Plants What can I plant with Zucchini

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Why Companion Plants are important for Zucchini?

Companion plants are important to avoid disease and pests and get maximum yield in small garden spaces.

Multiple plants can coexist together without much attention, i.e instead of fighting, they share resources efficiently. The advantage of growing multiple crops together without any extra care is the beauty of companion gardening.  Instead, every companion plant helps others by reducing the need for extra resources. Some of them fix nitrogen in the soil while others provide support, disease resistance, moisture retention, and control weed growth.

Just like any other plant, a zucchini plant is also benefited from its companion plants. You can easily observe this codependency with the three sisters. The zucchini and corn are heavy feeders. Their need for nitrate is fulfilled by the leguminous bean plant. On the other hand, corn provides support to the bean vine. The zucchini plant provide protects others from rodents, control weed growth by extensive ground cover, and save water by reducing evaporation in the soil.

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20 Best Companion Plants with Zucchini

Here is the list of 20 best and easy to grow companion plants for zucchini. Every member of this list has some unique advantage. I hope you already have some of these in your vegetable garden.

  1. Beans: These vines are one of the best companions of zucchini and squash. They fix nitrogen in the soil which is used by other plants.
  2. Peas: Just like the bean, a pea is also a legume and helps in nitrogen fixation. The beautiful pea flowers attract pollinators like honeybees.
  3. Groundnut helps in nitrogen fixation. It also distracts pests away from zucchini fruits.
  4. Corn
  5. Radishes: This small plant protects zucchini from squash bugs, aphids, cucumber beetles, and rootworms. Radish plants with flowers and seeds are more helpful for zucchini.
  6. Onion: Strong pungent smell of onion chives can dither bugs away from your zucchini plants.
  7. Garlic: The sulfurous smell of garlic is well known as an insect repellent. It can prevent your zucchini plant from aphids and gnats.
  8. Marigold: This beautiful flowering plant acts as an insect trap. The color and mild fragrance of marigold are irresistible. Many bugs like aphids, ants, beetles, mealybugs, and caterpillars are attracted to it. Planting marigolds around the edges can protect the zucchini from these harmful insects.
  9. Nasturtiums: These are beautiful annual flowering plants that act as pest traps. Just like marigolds the nasturtium flowers are edible and can save your zucchini from several pests.
  10. Dil
  11. Mint mint herb
  12. Sage
  13. Oregano
  14. Lemon Balm
  15. Parley
  16. Borage: It is a flowering herb that attracts pollinators like honeybees. Bees are essential for the pollination of zucchini flowers. Therefore Borage flowers can act as a great companion for zucchini plants.
  17. Catnip
  18. Marjoram
  19. Gram, Moong, or any other legumes act as nitrogen fixators. These plants can feed your zucchini plant naturally throughout the growing season. Nitrogen is very essential for plant growth.
  20. Tuberose: These beautiful white flowers attract lots of pollinators like bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies. It also acts as a bug trap and can protect your zucchinis from harmful bugs.

Dil, Peppermint, Sage, Oregano, Lemon Balm, Catnip, Marjoram are all fragrant herbs. They can prevent pest infestation with their strong fragrance. Sone of these herbs can even prevent animal attacks like deers and rodents. Especially some mint and sage can keep deers away from your zucchini plants.

You just need to create a strong circumference around your vegetable garden with these herbs and companion plants.

What not to plant with zucchini

We have already discussed the best companion plants for your zucchinis. You must understand that not all plants are good for zucchinis. Some of them can harm your final yield or simply degrade the quality of fruits. So make sure you know exactly what not to plant with zucchini.

  1. Other Squash especially winter squash and Pumpkin.
  2. Peppers
  3. Eggplants
  4. Tomato
  5. Potato
  6. Small fruiting plants
  7. Green leafy vegetables

You must avoid planting these vegetables together with zucchini plants. Most of them are heavy feeders and compete with zucchini for resources. Also, avoid growing multiple herbs together that can compete for nutrition and water.

Plants like Peppers, Potato, Tomato, and eggplants can drain the soil quickly in the growing season. Any other plant-like zucchini will face a scarcity of essential nutrients. They can also attract many pests toward the zucchinis. Therefore, Always Avoid growing These plants with zucchini. They are the worst companions of Zucchini and squashes.


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Can you plant zucchini and cucumbers together?

Yes, you can plant zucchini and cucumbers together in one plot. Both of them are summer cucurbits and can grow alongside.

Although their needs are the same. Therefore, you have to increase soil fertilization and frequent watering to cope with their needs. You may have to water the plants twice someday especially on hot summer days. The soil must have enough nutrients to feed both plants. So you have to add organic compost once every month to keep the yield high.

Can zucchini be planted with potatoes?

Nope, you can plant zucchini with potatoes. Probably potatoes are the worst companion for vines like zucchini.

First of all, both of these plants are heavy feeders and require a regular nutrition supply. Next zucchini need moist soil while potatoes require more dry and soft soil. Maintaining both conditions at once is quite difficult.

Next, Potato is a root vegetable, and zucchini is a vine. So in the general case, the zucchini vines will stop foliage growth in potato and in against the potato will stop root development in the zucchini plant. Ideally, they can’t grow together due to the conflict in their requirements.

Can I plant zucchini and tomatoes together?

Yes, you can plant zucchini and tomatoes together but the main quest is should you do so? The answer is no. Both Zucchini and Tomato need a frequent supply of nutrients. These plants can drain down the soil i no time.

Also, both tomato and zucchini are highly susceptible to pest attacks. Together they can worsen the situation for the gardener. The worst part is that both of these plants are easily infectable by aphids, beetles, and fruit borers.

Therefore, You should not grow zucchini and Tomato plants together.

Can zucchini be planted with broccoli?

Yes, you can grow zucchini with broccoli. Only make sure both the plants are well fed and free from disease. Sometimes you may need more effort to keep them healthy together. Still, they can be easily grown together.


Bad companion plants for zucchini

Peppers, Eggplant, Tomatoes, and other Cucurbits especially Pumpkin are some of the Worst companions of Zucchini. Most of these plants are heavy feeders just like Zucchini. They can compete for water and nutrition hence can harm the overall crop.

Can you plant zucchini and cauliflower together?

Yes just like broccoli you can grow cauliflower together with zucchini. But they all require too many nutrients. And yes they are highly prone to pests attacks especially by caterpillars, beetles, rootworms, and many more.

Avoid growing zucchini with cauliflower if you don’t want to face such problems.

Can I plant zucchini and eggplant together?

No, zucchini is not a good companion of eggplants, peppers, or tomatoes. You should strictly avoid growing these plants together in your garden. Although it’s your choice whether you wanna do extra work like regular feeding and frequent watering or not.

Growing these plants together will need extra care. If you can handle that then go for it.

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