Will Grass Seed Grow if I just Through it Down?

Wanna grow some turf this season? It is the best feeling to grow green lustrous lawn grass and enjoy it with your family. Seeing your kids playing with pets, everyone enjoying is something great. It seems like a dream although not so difficult to make true. All you need is to grow some lawn grass and maintain it to optimum health and beauty. If you need help with Lawn care then check out How to Look after your Lawn in Summer? (With Steps). Else if you are as lazy as me then start with throwing some grass seed in the lawn and hope it grows. Will Grass seed grow if I just Through it down? I know this is the first quest that comes if you follow my league. And the simplest answer is- “Yes”. Grass will grow even if you just throw it down in the soil. We can discuss germination and growth yet one thing is true It will grow to some extent.


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Will Grass seed grow if I just Through it down on the ground?

Yes, Grass seed will grow if you Through it down on the ground. It needs moist soil for germination. So some of those seeds may germinate and a few of them may grow to their maturity. It may grow though the germination rate will not match your expectations.

Throwing seeds down on soil is not the ideal way of sowing grass. And if the soil does not come in contact with the seed then they may not germinate. That’s why only a portion of the total grass seed shown germinates. Also, the moisture in a weedy lawn is not optimum to its surface. The soil becomes difficult for delicate new grassroots to penetrate through. This situation is not favorable no matter how resilient grass can be.

Most Grass varieties can survive drought-like conditions. They can survive winter nights and sprout back again in spring. Still, there is a problem. Grass needs to grow to its maturity to survive environmental factors. To survive, it needs some favorable conditions for the seed to germinate and new roots to dig deep in search of water.

Those grass seeds that germinate successfully will also struggle to survive in such conditions.

Something like clean loose soil and an abundance of sunlight and water will be a good start. This is exactly what we deal in lawn care.

Therefore, Grass seed may grow if you throw it down on the soil. Although the germination rate will not be satisfactory.

It may sound strange but this is kind of natural lawn care. Nature follow this technique since the dawn of time and it seems quite working.

Sowing grass seeds like this is not the best way of lawn care yet I can assure you will succeed with time and continuous effort.

What will happen to grass seed if it is left on the soil surface?

There are quite a few possibilities to this assumption. Though you can narrow all possible outcomes to two different results. Either The seeds may germinate and grow or they will perish to death.

As per the first assumption. Suppose most of the thrown grass seeds come in contact with the soil. hope the soil is moist enough to hydrate the grass seeds. Next, the seeds will soak water to their extent and start sprouting.

Sunlight plays a trick job in this process. If the seeds stay away from direct light then they can survive the heat for a positive outcome. Otherwise, direct sunlight will dehydrate and kill some of the exposed seeds.

Grass seeds are a delicacy for birds. So they can pose threat to the rest of the seeds that mage to germinate somehow. Those who survive this attack will continue their life with the next problem.

Once the seeds germinate and sprout root and shoot. It will try to dig deep in search of nutrition and water. Here the hard soil surface will create a barrier and more seeds will die fighting for their life. At last, those who succeed in developing enough roots will survive to their prime and continue living.

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Now Think of the factors that can go wrong and kill every seed. The Start to the end of this journey has quite a few of those factors that can turn the result. So always look out for-

  • Soil texture and Ph level
  • Moisture level
  • Seed quality
  • Timing or seasonality 
  • Sunlight and Temperature. 

What is the Right Way of Sowing Grass Seeds?

  • Start with Weeding the lawn. Remove all weeds, fallen leaves, and debris from the lawn. Keeping the lawn clean is the first step of lawn care. You can use a rake or metal claw to gather debris out of the lawn.
  • Till the soil surface to 5 -8 inch depth. Let the soil dry and aerate for a couple of days. Meanwhile rake the soil surface twice to level the soil and break lumps.
  • Fertilize The Lawn with NPK 46:0:0 or NPK 20:20:20 at least 4 days before seeding. Water regularly in these four days.
  • Sow the grass seeds evenly on the moist surface and rake again for the final time.
  • Water the surface and let it germinate for 10-15 days. Keep the soil moist but not soggy during this period.
  • The grass seeds should start germinating within 2-3weeks. Look out for empathy patch and sow seeds again at 2-week intervals until it looks green evenly.
  • You can start mowing and other lawn care works once the grass reaches 6-inch height.
  • Read for more details- Can Grass Grow in Sand?


Grass seeds are very resilient and hardy. They are among very few seeds that can survive and grow even if you just throw them in the soil surface. It only requires little moisture and proper contact with the soil. Sunlight will boost germination and it will grow green. It is possible although the rate of germination and survival in this method is low.

Do you own a garden or lawn? If you do then let us know how you care for the turf and grass. What’s your favorite way to sow grass seeds. Have you ever tried this method? It is quite lame to say but I always skip a few steps in lawn care and end up sowing grass seeds just by throwing them down on the moist soil surface. It works for my garden and I hope It may do the same for you.

Enjoy reading and Keep gardening!


Hi, My name is Sukant. I am an I.T professional. Gardening for me is not just a hobby, it's a way of living life with nature. My Ancestors were Commercial farmers: So I personally feel attached to the green. I am not an expert, I'm here only to share my gardening experiences. It's always Refreshing.

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