How to Look after your Lawn in Summer?(With Steps)

Spring to summer and then Autumn to Winter, The whole year can be a roller coaster ride for any lawn owner. The green and lustrous grass cover is the ideal look for any lawn. The best part of lawn gardening is we all expect it to be green and beautiful. We think everything is under control, simply we Know it! It is the attitude that sometimes causes the problem. Especially during the summer season, the maintenance of the lawn is quite difficult.

Today I will share my experience in lawn management during last summer. Also, I’ll share the problems I faced, Some myths that I found, and the easiest solution for every lawn problem.

I’m not an expert with lawn management. This is just my experience so please point out if I missed something.

How to Look after your Lawn in Summer
How to Look after your Lawn in Summer?

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Is Summer Bad for Lawn Grass?

No Definitely not. Summer is as good as any other season for lawn grass. It is just the effort and management that make the difference.

This is the first myth that I heard about lawn grass. I read on some online sites that Summer is not good for the grass. It is harmful to the lawn. The heat makes the lawn management worse. At first, I was partially sure that It should be right. What the so-called experts are saying must be correct. So I followed them and Then…

The outcome I got was completely different. Yes, It is true that hot summer days are difficult to work on the lawn. But no one says you to spend the noon out in sun. This problem can be solved easily with time management. I started working a few hours early in the morning and the problem of the sun is solved completely.

Next, Hot sunny days can make the soil dry and the grass can turn yellow. The easiest solution to this problem is regular watering. That’s it! It is not the quantity, just the timing of watering that actually matters.

If you have automated sprinklers installed in your lawn then watering is not a big problem. You can also do this manually by watering the lawn just twice every week using a hosepipe. Remember too much water is not good even in summer.

Should I water my lawn every day when it’s hot?

ITs directly related to the second common myth about lawn management during summer. Many internet experts say you should water the lawn every day during the summer season. It seems obvious, isn’t it? The days are hot so maybe we can water the grass every day!

Mmm… Nope, You should not water your lawn every day during hot summer days. In my experience, you should water your lawn just twice or thrice every week. Watering more than that is not good. If the soil keeps soggy during hot days then root rot can occur. The heat can boil the root nodes. Also, this can encourage fungal growth in the soil.

Excess moisture can stop the grass to form new nodes. Actually, the main reason for node formation is to search for the necessary resources like water and nutrients. If water is available the grass will not develop dense root system.

The problem with this situation is that it cannot be observed quickly. The impact can look positive like green foliage but the lack of dense root structure can kill the grass in fall.

Is it Ok To Water Grass on Sun? No, you should never water the grass during day time. If it is hot then watering can quickly drop the temperature. This can be harmful to the entire lawn. Sometimes this mistake can create empty patches due to dead grass.

Watering in the lawn should be done after sunset or during sunrise in the early morning. This will allow the grass to absorb water and adapt to the temperature naturally.

How to look after your Lawn in Summer?

Ok, here comes the biggest quest, if summer is difficult then how to look after your lawn these days. If you love your lawn as I do, then lawn caring should be a big deal, especially during summer.

I must admit again- I am not an expert, I have faced almost every possible problem with my lawn. The first few years were mostly heartbreaking.  Being casual with anything has caused me a full year to revise. So I’ll share only those thing that actually works for me. Keep Reading…

You need to do these simple things to keep your lawn healthy during summer. Here’s everything about How to Look after your Lawn in Summer.

  1. Regular Mowing
  2. Weeding
  3. Cleaning
  4. Digging
  5. Raking 
  6. Regular Watering
  7. Fertilizing
  8. Reseeding

RegularLawn Mowing During Summer

I knew most of you like a thick grass cover in your lawn. It’s good but mowing should not be ignored. It is necessary to force the grass to produce leaves instead of seeds.

Actually, Summer is the maturing season for most of the grass types. If you let it grow long without mowing then it will start flowering. Once seeds are formed the plant will dry and hence you will lose the greenery.

Regular mowing will stop the grass from flowering and seed formation. It will force the plant to form new leaves and grow as much as it can.

Cleanliness is another benefit of regular mowing of the lawn. It will reduce the chance of fungal attack will good airflow around the root system.

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Weeding is compulsory in the lawn during Summer

Weeding is the second important step after mowing. You should remove any visible weed from the lawn. Summer is already difficult for the grass. Weeds can specially create water and nutrient scarcity during the summer season.

Some weeds can absorb water and nutrients thrice as fast as any grass. So weeds can feed on the resource that you supply to your lawn grass. Many weeds start seed formation in summer and hence can multiple themself easily.

If there are just a few visible weeds in your lawn then uproot them manually. Else you can use a handheld garden tool or an all-purpose lawn weedicide. The chemical weedicide should not be harmful to the grass type in your lawn. You must check out the packaging for details before purchase.

Keep your lawn clean during Summer

Cleaning is a very essential part of lawn management. The chipped grass or uprooted weeds need to be removed. A common fact about the dead decaying green matter is that it attracts lots of pests, fungus, and bacterias.

So it is better to act smart and remove these from your lawn. In fact, you can use these organic matters for composting. Even fallen leaves, dry branches, grass clippings, uprooted weeds, or any scrap material should be removed from the lawn. A clean lawn is always a sign of a healthy lawn.

Lawn raking in summer
how to look after your lawn in summer?
Photo by Ronaldo de Oliveira on Unsplash

Digging and Raking Can be done during Summer

Your lawn needs regular renovation. Actually, this is optional but I like things differently every year. So if you like to change something or prepare your lawn as a fresh one then summer is the best time for you.

The soil is dry and it is easy to dig during summer days. You can dig the soil only in empty patch zones if you like. No need for full up and down.

Let the soil dry for a day or two before proceeding.

  • Dig up the soil at least 5-10 inches deep.
  • Break big lumps of soil. The main intention is to loosen the soil as much as possible.
  • Let the soil dry for a couple of days and then level it as much as possible.
  • Raking is usually helpful in leveling. It also helps in removing the roots of dead weeds or other plants.

Water and Fertilize your lawn Reqularly during summer

Regular watering is important for lawn grass. Moisture keeps the roots healthy and the leaves green. You should water the lawn only to moisten the topsoil.

Water should reach just 1-3 inches deep. If you are sure you can maintain this much watering level then water every day. You can use a sprinkler in a controlled manner. Else keep a controlled regular interval during each watering.

I usually water enough to damp the soil and let it dry for 2-3 days. Only water if the plants or especially the grass start drooping during day time. Always remember grass will not die due to dehydration but overwatering can surely kill it. So be careful with watering.

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Reseeding is the Final summer Task for lawn Owners

The final step is to reseed the leveled soil. Most of the professional lawn managers suggest reseeding during autumn. It is correct that autumn is the best time for reseeding grass. I agree with that but this doesn’t mean you can’t do it in summer.

Of course, if you are watering regularly and the moisture is enough for germination then reseeding can be done. An ample supply of water and nutrients will feed the tiny grass seedlings and heat will encourage fast growth.

In a controlled manner, you can definitely reseed your lawn in summer and get a green lustrous cover before fall. Only be careful if you experience heavy snowfall in winter. Snow can crush tiny seedlings so avoid early seeding. High-quality grass seeds on amazon.

Final Words

I think everything I know is here. If you think that have I missed something then please let me know. I’ll definitely try and share your suggestions. Now, what is your opinion about today’s topic, How to Look after your Lawn in Summer? Before leaving you should read How to Kill Grass Burrs? get rid of southern sandspur.

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