Which Fruits Develop seeds on the Outside?

Which fruits develop seeds on the Outside?– Strawberry is the most common fruit that develops seeds Outside. Interesting Isn’t it? When you cut open a strawberry it has noting like seeds in it. You will only find Juicy sweet flesh. So where are the seeds, Of course, seeds are there but on the outer side of the fruit?

Are you aware of any other fruit that has seeds growing out of its flesh? I think most of you say no, but it is not correct. There are a few other fruit and berries that bear seed on the outside. I know a few of those like Cashewnut or the pineberry. If you know more then comment it down for other gardeners.

Which fruits develop seeds on the Outside?
Which fruits develop seeds on the Outside?

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Is There any Fruit That develops seeds outside the Flesh?

No, Technically It is not possible. Seeds cannot develop outside the Ovary or flesh in some cases. Ok, you may say I am wrong but trust me seeds can’t develop outside the ovary. Therefore, no fruit can develop seeds outside the flesh.

We may see that seeds are visible on the surface of strawberries. And this is a contradiction to my theory. But Believe me, Those tiny seeds are not outside the flesh. What you see as a seed is an ovary and the seed stays within.

The whole strawberry fruit is a complex aggregate fruit. Strawberry is one of a few fruits with visible seeds on the outer walls of the ovary. The seeds are not alone and they are not the seeds as well. Seeds are enclosed within white achene fruits. These are the true ovary of the strawberry plant. We see these achenes and treat them as seeds. But the seed itself resides within these achene fruits.

The Strawberry fruit that we consume is the swollen receptacle of the flower. It acts as a single point to connect multiple ovaries to the fruit structure. You can locate it adjacent to the stamen in a fertilized flower.

There no matter what we see, it is not possible to develop seeds outside the fruit. The seed requires a protective cover most importantly the ovary to keep it safe and healthy. Although you may sometimes treat these achene fruits as seeds outside the fruit flesh. Check out these strawberry seeds for the spring garden.

Which Fruit other than Strawberries develops seeds on the Outside?

There are only a few other fruits that can develop seeds outside. Strawberry is a commonly known fruit with fruit growing outside. Other than this Only Chasewnut and Pineberry can do so.

The perception matters in these cases. As none of them are truly outside their fruit. Both in Cashewnut and Pineberry the part we consider fruit is not the actual fruit. They are not true to type fruit. Either these are the Receptacle or the basal end of the ovary. None of them contains the ovary which is obvious for seed development.

In the case of Cashewnut, the seed portion is the fruit i.e., true ovary. The big red that we see is just the receptacle, not the fruit itself.  It is also similar to achene fruits like strawberries or pineberry that have a single point connection to the ovary.

Pineberry is also similar to strawberry. Only it is different in the color that is white instead of red. It also contains achene fruit or ovary on the outer side of the edible part. These achenes contain tiny seeds.

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Why Do Some Fruits Develop Seeds on the Outside?

Some fruits can develop seeds on their outside. Although they can develop seeds out of their ovary. This mostly happens due to specific mutations that occur in a plant through multiple generations. These mutations may have a human impact or sometimes any natural factor can also lead to unique mutations in fruits.

Strawberry and Cashewnut are the two most commonly known fruits that develop seeds on the outside. Although none of them are true fruits. They are just a glitch or a craft for the generation of evolutions in these fruits.

They adapt unique characters to survive in their surroundings. A strawberry plant is prone to fungal and pest problems. It is a delicate plant that has a very slow growth rate. To ensure the survival of its tiny seeds the plant modifies its fruit structure. During evolution, the strawberry plant emphasizes developing a receptacle to attract vectors. It keeps the ovary on the side not to ignore them but to ensure their optimum viability.

Chasewnut is also similar in this case. The cashew fruit that we see is not the fruit itself. The seed portion is the ovary or actual fruit. It contains the cashew nut or seed inside it. Cashew fruit is only to attract vectors who can carry and spread seed to long distances. Keeping seeds away from juicy flesh also helps in its survival. Most of the times animals and humans ignore such seeds and scatter them without harm. Though cashew is not so lucky. We have learned how to eat the entire fruit and seed.

Benefits of Having seed on the outside

Nature doesn’t do anything without a purpose. If you find fruits with seeds on the outside then there must be a reason- definitely a good one for the plant.

One important benefit that I can count on is the safety of seeds. If the ovary stays away from the edible fruit part then the chance of it being eaten is pretty low. In this way, seeds can stay safe from animals. Sweet fruit is the main attraction for every animal including us humans. So ignoring the seed is pretty obvious. Although we also ignore seeds from other fruits that stay inside like oranges, apples. We also don’t eat those seeds rather we through them out.

So this might not be the perfect answer. Although Having seeds outside the fruits makes them unique and trust me they are still living. Therefore, there must be something to do with the heredity and existence of the plants with seed growing outside the fruit body.

What’s your opinion on this?- write down in comments. Also, read Where Do Carrot Seeds Come From?


Which fruits develop seeds on the Outside?– It’s strawberry and Cashewnut if you wanna consider it. technically none of them are true fruits. The white seed of the strawberry is the ovary and it contains the seed inside it. Cashewnut is attached to a false fruit that attracts animals and of course humans.  The seed portion is the true fruit of Cashewnut.


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