Can Seed Grow in Your Body?

Can Seed Grow in Your body?– Nope it is not possible. No seed to this date can survive in the strong Hydrochloric acid found in our stomach. Believe me, The Acid and enzymes in our digestive system can dissolve or at least damage the hardest seed shell you can find. Even if it survives the acid, the harsh surrounding environment will never allow it to germinate. At last, the seed will be flushed out with other waste.

This is a generation-old question. Most of us can simply answer it as a Big No. Maybe you can also laugh at the person who asks this. Although the answer to this question is not so simple. Our body is not just limited to the digestive system or stomach. There are other parts with a little favorable condition for seed growth. A luck seed may germinate there.

Some medical records confirm the other side of the possibility. We can say That Seed or Plant may grow in our body if it gets a favorable condition. And yes it can’t happen in your stomach. So Don’t worry if you swallowed a pea, watermelon, or an apple seed. They will never grow into a tree or vine inside your body.

Can Seed Grow in Your Body?
Can Seed Grow in Your Body?- No They Can’t Unless You are Unlucky!

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History of Seeds Growing in Human Body

Even though seeds can’t grow in our bodies. There are a few unfortunate medical records available that confirm otherwise. These events are so rare that even doctors can’t believe their findings. There are a few unfortunate incidents recorded in recent history that confirms a seed or plant can grow in our body. And trust me it is not as good as it sounds.

It may seem like a fairy tale- A tree or vine growing out of your body. Leaves hanging from your ears, flowers in nostrils, and fruit hanging the other side. It is both interesting as well as disgusting to think about. It is thought of fantasy but what would you say If I told you that this is really. Ok, not all of this but the very concept of a tree growing inside you is real. You may say I am joking but trust me it is possible and we have records of such incidents.

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Case 1: Russia

An interesting case has come to light in the year 2009. When a 28-year-old Russian man named Artyom Sidorkin was rushed to the hospital with a complaint of severe chest pain and coughing. He was coughing blood that gives the impression of cancer or lung puncture to the doctors. His doctors operate his chest with an expectation to find a life-threatening mass of Malignancy or maybe a tumor.
To their surprise, they found a 5 cm or 2-inch long miniature fir tree growing in his chest cavity. This tree even got a few fully formed needles and a root structure. The small needles and their branches cause damage to surrounding capillaries. This damage results in bleeding with an intense painful cough.
The doctors concluded that a fir tree bud might have stuck there for a while. Maybe, he ate or inhaled it somehow and forget about the consequences.

Case 2: Massachussetts, USA

A popular story of a 75-year-old man came to light when he got admitted to the hospital with severe chest pain. Ron Sveden is an old gentleman living in Brewster, Massachusetts became famous in the year 2010. It was the case of a pea plant growing in his lungs. When he rushes to the doctors. They expect it to be a tumor or lung cancer. He was already dealing with emphysema that cause violent painful chough. With initial tests, the doctor found one of his lungs not functioning. They sought for multiple biopsies to determine what is the cause.
At last His doctor, Dr. Jeff Spillane decided to look it through a camera. He was aiming to find a tumor but to his surprise, he found a sprouted pea with tiny leaflets and roots. This small half-inch pea has caused all of the troubles. It may have reached his lungs while he was eating peas a couple of weeks ago. The doctors concluded that a seed may have passed through the windpipe instead of the food pipe and reached his lungs. The warm moist environment has resulted in germination. Latter it starts growing shoot and leaves then only the situation is noticed.

Case 3: Colombia

Few years ago a horrific story came from Colombia. There was a 22-year-old woman named Diana Martinez who visits a local nurse with Complaints of abdominal pain. The nurse find that the problem was due to a small potato sprouting in her vaginal duct. It was pushed intentionally to prevent pregnancy. It is absurd but 100% true, still in some parts of the world, people try dangerous solution techniques for not so difficult problems. The problem was instantly solved by removing the potato from its location. But think of the situation how bad or worst was that. What an Idiotic Decision to do it in the First Place?
The woman admits that she did this intentionally to protect herself from unwanted pregnancy. It was advised to her by her mother. So she believed her and tried it- What the Hell!

The Nurse might have been scared to see those roots coming out of her Patient Private Part.

Suppose if Seed Can Grow in Your Body

On the contrary to our previous discussion, support if a seed can grow in your Body? Would it be a happy or a sad moment? It will be painful technically but think of it as a fantasy – Isn’t it nice to have fruits hanging all around you. Maybe you don’t like it that way. Though think if it works scientifically someday. Wouldn’t it be a great scientific achievement to live in a symbiotic relationship with plants? Your body may feed the plant and in return, it feeds you with sweet fruit. What a Fantasy- Hope you like that. Write your thoughts in the comment section.

Now think the other way. What is the possibility that a seed may germinate in your stomach? What are the criteria that it needs to fulfill to germinate and grow within us?

Ok, everything we will discuss now onward is purely fictional. It is a hypothesis or just a play for an empty mind like mine. So do not take it seriously.

First of all, As of Now to date- Any seed cannot grow in Your Body. The Chance of seed to survive in your stomach is perfectly ZERO!

The hypothesis of Plants growing inside our Body

If a seed needs to germinate within us then it should be strong enough to survive the deadly Hydrochloric acid present in our tummy. The seed should also be fast with germination and growth as with every passing minute the essential nutrients are depleting.

Suppose you eat any fruit like an apple or a berry with seeds. It reaches your stomach where it has to fight with dissolving acids and enzymes. Suppose it survives the acids then it will reach the intestinal duct. There the environment will be a little comfortable. Without the burning acids, the seed can settle for a bit longer. Although the intestinal fluids and enzymes will start absorbing the minerals and vitamins from the seed surface. This may lead to nutrient scarcity for the seed. Though in reality, a seed may have dissolved by this time.

But to the hypothesis, our seed survives all of these situations. Then it will sprout, the direction it may decide on its own. Both ways are going to be painful for you. Next, the pain will increase day by day and you have to rush to the hospital. Finally, it’s time for blooming and the plant will need sunlight for that. So think of its passages to reach sunlight. Where would it emerge, Umm I don’t like to think the other way? So let’s say our mouth or nose. There it will bloom and then maybe produce some fruits. But by this time we will be in our grave and only the plant stands tall. So in simple words ITs Not Possible!

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Yes, some seeds can grow in our Body but not in our stomach. It is full of strong Hydrochloric acids which itself is deadly for most organic matter including seeds. Our stomach produces mucus to protect itself and other organs from this acid. So there is no chance for a seed to survive in such a deadly environment. Although it may germinate in another part especially in the lungs or a few other places down there. Therefore, be care full while you are eating. Make sure everything you eat goes into your stomach, not in the lungs. Otherwise, you may end up with fruits hanging over you.  Just joking, don’t take it seriously.

Share your thoughts about this interesting discussion in the comment section. Keep reading and enjoy Gardening!


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