Should You Mist Tomato Plants?-Everything to Know

Should You Mist Tomato Plants?- Nope, You should not mist your Tomato Plants. Misting is good for indoor house plants. But not so good for your vegetables. Vegetable plants like Tomato have delicate soft stem structures. It already contains a lot of moisture. Therefore, a Mature Tomato plant doesn’t need any extra water through misting. through and regular watering to the soil is enough for your tomato plants.

Should You Mist Tomato Plants
Should You Mist Tomato Plants?- No, You shouldn’t.

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Can You mist a Tomato Plant?

Yes, you can mist a Tomato Plant. But this is not necessary. In fact, misting unnecessary can cause some serious problems.

Too much moisture on the leaves can cause fungal growth and attract a lot of pests and insects. This doesn’t mean that misting is not helpful for tomato plants.

You can mist a tiny Tomato seeding to keep it hydrated. Tomato seedlings are grown in germination trays with little soil or growing media. The fast-growing tomato seedlings can quickly consume the moisture and leave it dry. The seedlings themself can quickly lose water in dry weather. Therefore, misting these small tomato seedlings can be helpful.

Although simple watering the growing media without wetting the plant will work.

If you really want to mist a mature Tomato plant maybe with Epsom salt solution. Then do it in the early morning before the sun goes high. Never mist any outdoor vegetable plant at night. Excess moisture on the leaves can attract pests and cause fungal diseases.

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Do Tomato Plants Like to be misted?

Indeed, just like any other plant, a Tomato plant also likes to be misted. Yes, I know this seems contradictory to the fact that misting is not good for tomatoes. Still in a controlled manner misting can help your tomatoes in fast and healthy growth.

But you must be careful and precise with your misting schedule.

Occasional misting can help increase the rate of respiration. In a controlled environment misting can clear the leaf surface and gives the stomata more room for respiration.

Some experiments have been done to look out the impact of misting over the Tomato plants. Although plain water is not efficient for misting your tomato plant. But it is seen that micronutrients, Epsom salt, or seaweed extract solution can be more effective while misting the tomato plant.

It is observed that a tomato plant can absorb nutrients easily through its surface. Therefore, You need not feed the soil to replenish all the nutrients that can be feed directly to the plant.

Should you Spray tomato plants with water?

Nope, you should never spray tomato plants with plain water. Actually, the water can clean the leaves but it can also cause some problems.

An unattended tomato plant with water on its leaves can host lot o unwanted guests. A moist and cool environment is ideal for pests like aphids, mealybugs, spider mites, and a lot more. Simple watering the leaves can attract all of these pests to your tomato plant.

Pest attack will definitely be followed by some fungal disease. Therefore, you should not spray your tomatoes with plain water.

Instead, water the soil without slashing on the leaves. A dry moisture-free leaf surface is sufficient to keep the tomato plant healthy.

Keep in mind, schedule watering in the early morning. So that any water splash on the leaves can dry out during the daytime. Avoid watering in the afternoon or at night. Water will not evaporate at night. Therefore, your tomato plant may act as a playground for bugs and pests.

Watering on hot days can cause sunscald to the tomato plant. It may look like burning of the leaf edges.

Is Mist good for your Tomato Plants?

It actually depends on the time when you mist your tomato plants. Generally, commercial farmers avoid watering on the leaves. There is a good and trusted reason for that.

Tomato plants even the best hybrid varieties are also prone to pests attack. You can’t avoid them completely. Therefore, providing a favorable condition for pests’ growth is not a good idea for gardeners. Water on Tomato leaves if left unattended can cause many problems. Some of these are-

  • Can cause diseases like Leaf blight, wilting, Stem or bud rot, and many more.
  • Excess moisture can attract Aphids, Mealybugs, Weevils, Beetle grubs, Spider mites, and stem borers.

Water itself is not harmful to the tomato plant. Instead, the excess deposition on the leaves and stems can cause some problems. Therefore, it is a matter of understanding and necessity to mist your plants. Generally, you should avoid misting your mature tomato plants.

If really required then do it only in the early growth days of your tomato plant.

Pros and Cons of misting a Tomato plant

beefsteak Tomato-seedling-transplant
beefsteak Tomato-seedling-transplant

Misting a tomato plant has its obvious benefits. It will clean the leaves and stems. It can encourage faster growth with proper respiration.

Misting can also help in feeding the tomato plant with micronutrients and essential minerals. Finally, it can make your tomato plant look healthier and greener.

Misting is helpful to some extent but there are some serious drawbacks related to this especially for tomato plants.

Unnecessary or untimely misting can attract a lot of harmful pests to your plant. They can feed on the plant sap and can cause wilting and stunt growth.

Pests attack is always accompanied by serious Fungal and bacterial growth. Leaf blight, Stem and Bud Rot, and the Wrinkling of new shoots are all symptoms of diseases.

An unusual drawback of misting in tomatoes is excessive sucker growth. These are new low-hanging branches that compete for water and nutrition. Although this is a matter of research yet nearly 20% extra branch growth is observed with plants being regularly misted.

It may look good for your plant but not for commercial farmers. More branches mean smaller fruits with comparatively low quality. It has a direct negative impact on the economical value of the production.

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Final Words

I personally don’t like to mist my tomatoes. They do well with ground watering once every week. It helps me in avoiding pests attacks. Sometimes it seems necessary especially on hot summer days but I don’t take unnecessary risk. Watering abundantly can easily fulfill the plant’s requirements.

What do you think- should you mist the Tomat plants? Leave your thoughts and ideas in the comment box.

I’ll wait for your response. Till then Keep Reading Keep Gardening!


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  1. What temp do your tomatoes tolerate? I have a misting system in my hoop house when temps get over 90 to keep the afternoon temps to 95 or less. I wonder if I would be better off shading then misting as we have 12-15 hours daylight all summer.

    1. A Little shade during hot noon time is better than misting. Tomatoes prefer warm daylight so you definitely have the advantage. Only manage the use of sprinklers so that no pest or bug can attack the plant. You should only Mist the tomatoes early in the morning before it gets too hot.

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