Robo Mowers: Your new automatic lawn manager

Do You have a Lawn? Is it Beautiful or at least as you wish it to be? Do you spend hours every week to keep it clean and trim? If yes then I’m sure you don’t like spending your precious weekend time by mowing the grass. Most important, mowing manually or even with a mower is pretty boring. At least I feel that. This is obvious and if you don’t mow your lawn then it will become bushland. But why should we do it on our own, especially if someone is there to help you out- of course with a Little price?

No, I’m not talking about any ordinary garden or lawn helper- It is about the Robo Mowers. The technical advancement in Robotics has gifted us with all-new automatic mowing systems. Let’s check it out.

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What is an Automatic Smart Mower?

An automatic land mower is a robotic mowing device that can ease your task to a great extent. These New generation mowers have the capability to work on their own i.e, they are fully automatic. It is better to call them Smart lawnmowers.

Continuous development is technology has made our life very easy and comfortable. Now it is time to redesign our gardening experience with all-new smart Robotic Mowers. Check out the latest price on Amazon.

How is a Robotic Mower different from your old Mower?

It is pretty simple- Robotic mowers are fully automatic but your old handheld diesel mower needs you as support.

Work time is another big difference. An automatic lawnmower can work day-night without any nap. But you can’t do that so can’t your old garden lawnmower.

Your old diesel motor lawn mower works on fossil fuel whereas all-new robot mowers just need the power to fill the Li-on batteries. It is ecofriendly. Everything is automatic i.e., these mowers can also refill their battery on their own. They just need to reach the charging station and get filled.

The next difference is really big, yes the big size of an ordinary lawnmower. Your old mowers can’t fit its tiny easy to handle size. These new mowers can barely reach a height of 1 and a half feet. They are also sleek as they don’t need any handlebars to hold or support.

Finally, the difference in price is significant, but it’s obvious if you want something cool and automatic like a robot or ghost on your lawn. Ok, it’s not a ghost but it is way too silent for an ordinary lawnmower.

How does a Smart Robo Mower Works?

Robo Mowers-Your new automatic lawn manager
Smart Robo Mowers-Your new automatic lawn manager

The principle of mowing is the same for every mower. The difference is with the application of technology. Almost all of these smart robotic mowers have a sharp set of small blades. These blades are movable across a central axis. Obviously, there is some design difference.

The automatization is achieved by the help of radio signals and electrical fencing. The radio signals help in navigation whereas the electrical fencing helps in creating boundaries and also provides a guided path back to the charging station.

In general, they will have an inbuilt Bluetooth transceiver. This helps the mower to be connected with your smartphones. Some more advanced systems have provided with GPS guidance and Wifi connectivity. Research has been done to achieve perfect connectivity with wireless cellular networks.

Overall once set up and installed, it will keep working till the battery goes down. Once the battery is low, the blades will stop and the mower returns back to the charging station on its own.

In some devices, the charging station can send a guide signal to help the mower to reach back. Generally, a guide electrical low voltage is provided to create a return path from the farthest spot of your lawn.

The mower can sense theses electrical or radio signals and responds accordingly. This is something we can expect from advanced Robo mowers.

Pros & Cons With Smart Lawn Mowers

Obviously there are many pros and the company won’t like you to know about the cons. But I’m not the company so I have my own genuine experience to share on.

Trust me there are some cons just as the pros you get. It true that not every golden object is gold. Here a basic comparison.

Pros Cons
  • Easy to Use
  • Fully Automatic
  • Eco friendly
  • Good Looking
  • Less Storage Space Required
  • Children & Pet Safe
  • Theft Protected
  • Great Technical Support available by the companies.
  • Clean even cuts.
  • Costly compared to the best of ordinary lawnmowers.
  • High Maintenance required
  • Setup is very costly and requires lots of wire.
  • Not weatherproof. At least not good for heavy rain and frost-prone winters.
  • Require pre-management for setup.
  • Uneven land should be leveled before using these. You have to remove obstacles before allowing them to work.
  • New evolving technology, not reliable for uneven terrain.
  • Uneven cut patterns. Not as beautiful as a golf course. Not fit if you like an even pattern.

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What are the Safety Features with Smart Robo mowers?

Safety is always a big concern. Not only for us but also for our family, pets, and plants. All these are close in contact with these mowers. So how to grade these smart mowers for general security.

Don’t be afraid, these advance technology Robo mowers are fully safe for your curious children and for your playful dog or cat.

If by chance, your child or pet holds or lifts the mower then the blades will stop automatically. Even if you flip the mover it will stop. This is a very essential feature that prevents any unwanted accidental situations.

Next is with your loving plants. Yes, they are in danger if comes in the way. Your new Robo mower is made to cut it off. So if any tiny seedling or plant comes in the mowing area, it will chop it off. You should provide the guard wire around the useful plants.

Finally, the security for the device itself counts as the most important factor. What happens if your device is safe for children, pets and your plants but a stranger or your jealous neighbors pick it up for their lawn. Is it worth to spend money on something that can be easily stolen from your lawn? No definitely not. I think thinks you have the same query as I do- Is our new smart Robo mower safe from thieves? Is it theft-proof?

Yes, most of the latest smart lawn mowers come with advanced Geo-Positioning anti-theft Systems. It is equipped with Theft alarm and Code protection to prevent stealing.

How does the Theft Protection work?

If Someone tries to pick the mower withing your lawn then an automatic alarm starts to inform the owners about this incidence. If the owners reach it then he or she must have to stop the alarm but putting secure code in the control panel.

Otherwise, if someone took it off the range of charging station then the alarm may go off but it will keep informing the owner about its GPS location. This feature is available with some varieties.

Even if there is no GPS support, still the mower is tough to use for the thief. A stolen smart mower cannot be used with another charging station. It records all the original equipment ids attached to it and locked its system without proper identification.

How much to pay for a Smart Robo lawnmower?

An Average Smart lawnmower can cost you anywhere between $800- $1200. It is quite high but if you have this much then it is worth giving a try.

These smart Robo mowers have everything that a science fiction lover wants. It is sleek, it is smart, and most importantly it is fully automatic. I love it and definitely want one in the future. The advancement in technology will bring the price in an affordable range someday. Till then you can buy it on EMI if you want.

The latest price of Smart Lawnmowers is listed on Amazon. Check it out and share it if you have one.


Are Smart lawnmowers durable?– Yes, they are expected to be durable for at least 4-6 seasons. The manufacturer suggests 6 months to 1 year’s time for maintenance. This means these automatic devices can work at least for 3-4 years on their own.

I’m a school teacher and housewife, can I use the smart mower on my own?– Yes, definitely anyone can use it. The working manuals are pretty easy to understand and follow. Though it is optional, I personally suggest taking the help of your dealer for proper installation and setups. Sometimes the setup of a smart Robo mower is way more difficult than using it. Technically, once installed properly it doesn’t need any extra support or command for working.

Final Words

I think new technology is worth giving try. I know it’s a bit costly but if you can afford it, it will make your life more comfortable. This is not a sponsored post. I have shared my views on a recent interaction with these devices. Personally, I’m waiting to have one for my lawn. What do you think about the development and utilization of Robo lawnmowers?

OK, I missed that don’t think of it as a name, I just quoted Robo for their Robotic characteristics. There are many good manufacturers building these devices you can have anyone. Husqvarna Automower is a brand I am looking for.


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