How to increase flowering in Portulaca? Moss Rose Blooming tips

Portulaca is one of the easiest flowering plants to grow in summer. Most of the time you will succeed easily. I have already shared a complete Grow and care guide for portulaca, you can check. This is certainly my favorite summer flower. It is easy to grow but sometimes it may cause some problems. No blooming or less flowering is a common problem with portulaca.

How to increase flowering in portulaca?– Deadheading during the pre-flowering season is the best way to increase flowering in portulaca. Though you can use phosphorus-based fertilizers to increase the size and quality of flowers. Scheduled watering, regular fertilization, pruning, or deadheading, with plenty of sunlight, is necessary for a high blooming rate in portulaca.

How to increase flowering in Portulaca
How to increase flowering in Portulaca?

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Why are my portulacas not flowering?

This is a very common question. In fact, I have asked this many times a few years back. Wasting months with preparation and growing efforts without getting desired results with flowering. Isn’t it frustrating- Yes, it is.

Gardening is not an overnight job, It takes time and effort. So if you are facing the same problem with portulaca. If yes, then don’t worry. First, we will discuss the actual cause of low flowering or inadequate blooming in portulaca.

  •  Lack of nutrition: It is true that portulaca is succulent and it doesn’t require much fertilization. Still, excess nitrogen or deficiency of Phosphorus can lead to reduced flowering in portulaca. All this depends on the consistency of your soil.
  • Lack of Sunlight: Sunlight is essential for flowering in Portulaca. It requires at least 6-8 hours of bright sunlight. Portulaca can be grown indoors but for propper blooming it needs heat and sunlight.
  • Excess of Water: Too much water in the soil can cause root rot in portulaca. Excess of water is another important reason for low flowering.
  • Pest Attack: Now this is a serious problem. Portulaca is highly prone to mealybugs attack. Don’t worry this can be handled easily. mealybug attack is common after heavy rain or over-fertilization. Reduction in flower size, number, or quality of portulaca can be caused by pest attacks.
bicolor moss rose portulaca
bi-color moss rose portulaca grandiflora

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How do I get more flowers from my portulaca?

  1. Control Watering: Try to keep the soil dry ost of the time. Water only when the plants start drooping. Controlled watering is the best option to keep the portulaca plants healthy. I recommend watering only once in a week or maximum twice. Don’t worry, portulaca plant is a succulent, it will not die in a day or two.
  2. Regular fertilization: As we know, the portulaca plant doesn’t require too much fertilizer. Applying fertilizer once in 20 days will definitely increase the flowering. You can use inorganic fertilizers but I think homemade liquid fertilizer would be enough for these succulents. Try using a solution of fermented mustard cake and cow dung cake for your portulaca, moss rose plants.
  3. Proper Sunlight: Place your portulacas in a spot where at least 6 hours of direct sunlight is available. You can also place the plants in direct sunlight if you live in a frost-free zone. An increase in length without any bud formation is mostly due to the lack of sunlight. Avoid growing portulaca in dark shadow regions of the garden. Sometimes a big tree or plant can also create such a problem.
  4. Maintain Soil Consistency: Portulaca has a very shallow fibrous root system. It means the plant will get all the nutrients and moisture from the topsoil. No matter how much water or fertilizer you apply to plant, it will only take that is available near to its roots. Therefore, The consistency of soil is very important for portulaca.
  5. If the soil is hard then the water and nutrients will wash off from the surface. The soil will act as baren infertile land. On the other hand, if the soil is too porous then it will lose moisture and nutrients quickly. Though the soil is fertile now, everything is out of reach for the portulaca plants. So it is highly advised to prepare fresh soil every year for your portulaca. You cannot do this during the flowering season. The soil should be prepared in early spring or during the last frost.  Fresh soil is essential for bigger healthier bloom in portulaca or moss rose plants.
  6. portulaca-cream-white
  7. Pest control: You need not worry about pest attack in portulacas except during the rainy season. During the rainy season, you can either move your plants under a shade or just apply some pesticides. Use of fungicide and pesticide is necessary only if your plants are highly infected. Else you can use rubbing alcohol to wipe out all the insects and pests. Checking for the pest attack in the portulaca plant is a tricky job. You will certainly not find any bugs during day time. You should do this in the early morning or in the evening. We can also check for any bugs in dead flowers.
  8. Removal of dead flowers: Seed formation is a reason for reduced flowering in portulacas. So if you think this is the problem then act quickly. Try to remove all the dead flowers and branches from the plant. I know to deadhead in portulaca is not very easy but if you manage this somehow then the result will be beautiful. Deadheading in portulaca is a time-taking difficult job but it is also the best option to increase flowering.
portulaca grandiflora cream orange
portulaca grandiflora cream orange bicolor.

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Final Word

I hope this post is helpful in understanding the factors that lead to reduced flowering in portulacas. You can increase the flowering in portulaca with some knowledge and effort. Most of the time only sunlight, water, and proper nutrition is enough for huge blooming in portulaca.

What is your method to increase flowering in portulaca? Write down your views suggestions or thoughts in the comment section. I’ll be back with something more interesting. Till then keep reading keep gardening.


Hi, My name is Sukant. I am an I.T professional. Gardening for me is not just a hobby, it's a way of living life with nature. My Ancestors were Commercial farmers: So I personally feel attached to the green. I am not an expert, I'm here only to share my gardening experiences. It's always Refreshing.

8 thoughts on “How to increase flowering in Portulaca? Moss Rose Blooming tips

    1. Redness in portulaca is a sign of a sudden change in moisture level. Sometimes unusual change or fluctuation in day-night temperature can also cause redness in portulacas. I only recommend two important steps that can be easily followed.
      First, control regular watering, avoid over-watering, and never let the soil dry completely even on cold days.
      Second, Place your portulacas in full sun, or at least try to provide them sunlight for 6-7 hours every day.
      Third, Feed your seedlings with low nitrogen organic fertilizers like compost-tea once every 10 days. Feed them with high-quality flower food once per month, star after 20 days of seedling growth.
      If nothing is working then, it can be a genetic trait or a reaction of fungal or viral attack. Mostly this should not be the case, the problem will be solved with 3 step caring. Good Day, and keep Gardening.

  1. Thank you for sharing information.Please tell me what to apply as remedy for my portulaca buds getting cutoff and dropped

    1. Apply mustard cake solution one in 10 days and seaweed extra or coffee ground solution spray once every week. It works for my portulaca hope will do the same for you. Keep the plants in full sun and control watering. If the soil has enough potassium and phosphorus then the buds will never drop.

    1. Deadheading Portulaca simply means the removal of dead and spent flowers along with any dry or rotting branch. It is not that complicated as it sounds. only try to keep your portulaca plant clean and free from dead or decaying matter. You can simply move your hand on the top and most of the deadheads will come out.

  2. I have portulacas in a big pot on my front porch, which gets the hot afternoon sun. They have been gorgeous, but suddenly, the flowers close up for most of the day. Definitely not attractive. What causes this and what can I do?

    1. Hi Carroll,
      It is obvious with Portulacas to close up after 11 or 12 noon. This is the main reason for their special name as 9 o-clock or 10 o-clock flowers. If you want extended life for these flowers then regulate the shade and adjust the positioning of the plant. Too much sunlight and daytime heat will eventually close the flower. If your plants are fine then don’t worry about the timing, it’s natural for these succulents to close up during the daytime. So enjoy the flowers and take regular are of your portulacas.

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