How to Grow Anthurium by Stem Cutting?

In the previous post, we learned about the propagation of Anthurium by Division. Today we will discuss How to Grow Anthurium by Stem Cutting?

Anthurium is a beautiful house plant perfect for any indoor garden. It can grow indoors without much effort. Anthurium is a herbaceous flowering plant with aerial root nodes on its stem. These nodes occasionally develop support roots that help the plant to grow upward. They also absorb water and nutrition from their surrounding environment.  We can easily grow new Anthurium plants with their stem cutting. These cuttings can grow successfully with a minimum of 2 healthy aerial root nodes. Although it is difficult to grow  Anthurium stem without any root node. Therefore stem selection is the key to success.

How to Grow Anthurium by Stem Cutting?
How to Grow Anthurium by Stem Cutting?

Can You Grow Anthurium by Stem Cutting?

Indeed, we can grow Anthurium by stem cutting. Anthurium plant grows a delicate soft stem structure. This stem has multiple root nodes that usually coincide with the branching area.

We can take a cutting of Anthurium stem having at least 2 intermediate root nodes. The stem cutting will develop a viable root structure in soft moist healthy soil.

It is an easy process that often requires a couple of weeks to complete. Anthuriums grown from cutting will usually start blooming in the next flowering season. This can take anywhere from 3 to 8 months.

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How Fast Can Anthurium Stem Grow?

The growth rate of an Anthurium stem cutting is not so fast. It can take 6 to 12 months for a new Anthurium cutting to establish and bloom. This seems slow although it is twice as faster as the plant grown from seeds.

If you want it to bloom quickly then prep with a bigger stem with multiple root nodes. More nodes simply mean more anchor points for the root system. It will help the plant to grow bigger and faster. Each node can develop a separate branch that can Latter be split to be grown as Division.

You can also use specific nitrogen and phosphorus-rich fertilizer to speed up the growth rate of Anthuring Stem Cuttings.

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Advantages of Growing Anthurium by Stem Cutting

  1. Anthurium Stem Cuttings grow faster than their seeds.
  2. These cuttings are identical to the parent plant. There are similar to their parents in bloom quality, color, and appearance.
  3. It is easier to take stem cutting from Anthurium plants than making division or developing seeds.
  4. We can make multiple new Anthurium plants by stem cutting without compromising their health.
  5. Anthurium stems are easier to grow. They require less care than seedlings.
  6. Anthurium Stems have high success rate than their seedlings.

What You’ll Need…

It is a pretty easy procedure that only requires a sharp knife or a pair of scissors. You can also use garden shears if you like. Even a clean sharp blade will do the job.  Choose whatever tool you like just make sure it is disease-free. You can clean your tools by rubbing alcohol each time before and after use.

Preparation To Grow Anthurium Stems

  1. Clean your gardening tools like a knife or Shear with rubbing alcohol or any disinfectant solution.
  2. Select the stem for cutting. It should have at least 2 or 3 root nodes. The parent Anthurium plant must be healthy and disease-free else the stem may not grow properly.
  3. Prepare soil and container before cutting Anthurium stem.
  4. Use a 6 or 8-inch deep container with commercial potting soil. You can add compost and cocopeat to make the soil light.
  5. Treat the container and the soil mix with a fungicide to avoid fungal infection. It should be done only once before plantation.

How to Grow Anthurium by Stem Cutting?

  1. Start with a healthy Anthurium plant. It should have bloomed previously otherwise you won’t know what to expect with the new plant. Anthurium plants older than 2 years are best for stem cutting although the new plants can also give healthy stem cuttings. New plants are a little delicate to handle.
  2. Take a 6 to an 8-inch container for planting the Anthurium Cutting. It should have proper drainage holes in it. Also, treat the container with a fungicide to avoid any infestation.
  3. Start with taking healthy 5-8 inch stem cuttings from the Anthurium plant. Use a sharp knife or shear to cut the stem. Make sure the cutting has at least 2 adjacent root nodes. It is essential for proper rooting and the growth of the plant.
  4. Fill 1/3rd of the container with healthy potting soil mix. It should be light in texture and rich in organic matter. You can amend the soil mix with compost and Bone meal fertilizer.
  5. Place the cutting gently over the soil surface and cover each node properly with the same soil mix. You also cover the entire stem if there is sufficient foliage and the stem remains above the soil.
  6. Gently tap the soil surface to settle any air pocket. Don’t press too hard, Anthurium plants don’t like compact soil.
  7. Water the new Anthurium stem properly and keep watering until the container drips out. Apply less water from the next spell and let the topsoil moist until it develops new foliage.
  8. Place the new plant in a well-lit warm humid indoor spot like your kitchen or maybe the bathroom. Maintain humidity above 85% and temperature between 60-75 degrees Fahrenheit for success.
  9. Meanwhile, you can spray the new Anthurium plant with diluted liquid fertilizer. You can redo this at 25 days interval until the plant is established in its new location.
  10. The final step is to care for the new Anthurium Stem cuttings.

Care for Anthurium Stem Cutting

  1. Plant care starts with stem selection for Cutting. Make sure the anthurium stem is clean and free from disease.
  2. Next Prepare a clean sharp cut on the stem. Use a clean tool for cutting the anthurium stem.
  3. Water the plant abundantly a day before cutting stems. It will keep the plant hydrated for long until the cutting establish.
  4. Use healthy soil mix for planting the anthurium cutting. You can add a pinch of contact fungicide to each container to avoid fungal infection.
  5. Also, remove dead foliage from the cutting. This is essential to avoid pest attacks.
  6. Keep the plant in a warm spot with good lighting for proper growth. The anthurium plant will need 60-75 degrees Fahrenheit to grow properly.
  7. Always keep the soil moist until the cutting develops new growth. New leaves and stems are a sign of a healthy anthurium plant.  You can slow down watering once the plant is properly established.
  8.  Keep the plant clean and mist the foliage to maintain humidity.
  9. Apply balanced liquid fertilizer to keep the plant healthy. You can also use seaweed extract and mustard cake solution to feed the new anthurium plants.
  10. The final and most important care tip for Anthurium cutting is soil drainage. These plants need moist soil but if it remains soggy for long then the root may develop the disease. Soggy soil is the main cause of root rot disease so always keep an eye on the drainage of the soil and container. Never let it clog in the bottom hole.


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