How to Choose a Jasmine Plant for Gardening?

Today we will discuss How to Choose a Jasmine Plant for Gardening? Jasmine is a beautiful flowering plant. It produces small white or yellow fragrant flowers. These flowers are in high demand in the perfumery and fragrance industry. We, Gardeners, love this plant for its beautiful appearance. Jasmine plants have small light green to purple-green leaves. They came in vines as well as bush-type plants. So you can choose according to your need. Vine-type jasmine is great for fence decoration and vertical gardens. Bush or shrub-type Jasmine plants are better for container gardening. Although you can grow vine-type jasmine in a container with little support.

If you want to grow jasmine plants then buy a healthy plant from a reputed seller. You can get cheap jasmine plants online. They are cheaper than most local nurseries although the quality and health of those seedlings are questionable. So buy plants only from authentic and trusted plant sellers or nurseries. A good healthy plant is worth spending a few extra bucks.

How to Choose a Jasmine Plant for Gardening?
How to Choose a Jasmine Plant for Gardening?

The specialty of Jasmine Plants

Jasmine is an interesting plant. It is beautiful even without any bloom. If you procure the vines carefully then they can make arc gates. It will look spectacular during the blooming season.

Only a few blooms can give your bath a fragrant touch. Just drop a few blooms in the water and leave for 10 to 15 minutes. These flowers can also act as a natural room freshener. Place 5-10 jasmine flowers in a water bowl on the tabletop. It will fill the room with sweet fragrance and everyone will like it.

Sometimes these vines can become invasive if you let them grow without any restriction. This can be useful if you want an evergreen ground cover. Jasmine plants don’t require much nutrition to grow so plant them and enjoy.

If you like natural decoration then these vines and flowers can work for you. Use them with creativity and give your home a tropical look full of fragrance.

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Which Jasmine plants are best to buy?

There are dozens of different jasmine varieties available to choose from and grow. Although it is better to choose plants that are compatible with your local climatic conditions.

The Jasmine variety must have sufficient tolerance for frost and heat according to your local Zone. Choose even hardy varieties, especially for container gardening. Containers are not sufficient for protection and nutrient availability. So choosing a hardy jasmine plant for container gardening is a safe decision.

Also, look out for any damage or pest attack in the plants. The leaves should be clean and free from any disease. Check out for a dark spot on the stems, any color fading is also an indication of plant disease. So save your money by discarding any infected jasmine plant. It is better to see and observe each plant before purchase.


A little care during plant purchase can save your time and money. It will give a head start for the blooming season.

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Where to Buy a jasmine plant?

You should only buy jasmine plants from trusted sellers. The age of the plant and its health are very important for gardening. If you buy the plant without confirmation then there is not to do next. Everything will depend on the chance of survival of the plants.

I would suggest visiting a local nursery or plant store. Look for a healthy jasmine plant or just ask the seller. Don’t ask for any exotic variety. A compatible local jasmine variety is best for gardening and yes they are easy to grow and care for.

You can also purchase a jasmine plant online. Many sellers provide healthy plants online on their websites. First, confirm their authenticity before buying. If possible then read reviews and observe the customer remarks. It will give you a glimpse of what you are buying.

Different Jasmine Species

There are many jasmine varieties available for gardeners these days. You can find several exotic ones along with popular local jasmine plants. Exotic foreign jasmine varieties are good, even better with more fragrance and bigger blooms. Although they are not so tolerant of the local climate. Jasmine is a perennial plant and it should behave like that. Therefore I recommend choosing local jasmine varieties, especially for new gardeners. If you don’t want to make a regular care schedule for your jasmine then better choose a local jasmine variety.

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Popular Jasmine Species to Grow in the US

Common jasmine or the Jasminum officinale is a climbing evergreen vine. These vines type jasmine can grow up to eight feet tall. Common Jasmine produces fragrant white flowers in summer. It can grow in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 7b through 8. Common jasmine is a fairly easy variety to grow in a garden as well as in containers.

Italian Jasmine, yellow jasmine, or Jasminum humile is an evergreen shrub. It can grow in USDA zones 7 through 9. The Italian yellow jasmine is bush-type jasmine that can mound five to seven feet high. Mature plants can span 2 to 3 feet in diameter with dozens of branches running upward. It produces mild fragrant yellow flowers in summer.

The confederate jasmine or star jasmine is not a true Jasmine. Its botanical name is Trachelospernum jasminoides. It can easily grow in USDA zones 8 through 10. Star jasmine is a twining, evergreen vine. It can grow 10 to 15 feet high. These vines produce fragrant white flowers in spring.

Winter jasmine or Jasminum nudiflorum is a deciduous shrub ideal for containers and open gardens. It is compatible in USDA zones 5 through 10. These deciduous shrubs can grow three to four feet high with fine, willowy stems spreading four to seven feet wide. Winter jasmine is a good choice for hedge gardens and fencing. The dark lustrous green foliage and light yellow flowers are the attraction of the Winter Jasmine plant. They bloom from winter to early spring on the previous spring’s growth.

How to Choose a Jasmine Plant?

A new jasmine plant should be healthy and fit to bloom. Make sure the plant you buy doesn’t have any disease or pests attack. If it is infected then don’t buy or if you have already bought it then clean the plant with soap water and treat it with neem oil before planting.

Choosing a Jasmine plant can be tricky especially if you don’t know what or where to choose. Make sure you know the plant well and understand its basic needs before planting.

You should look out for-

  • The Variety of the jasmine plant
  • The authenticity of the seller
  • The health of the jasmine plant
  • Size and branches in the plant

Start with deciding a variety that you want to grow. you must consider bush-type jasmine for container gardening. It will be easier than any vine type to manage in containers. You can choose any variety for an open garden. Only avoid growing new foreign varieties as they may not survive the local climate. Some jasmine varieties can become invasive in small gardens so learn their growth and nature before selecting one.

Buy jasmine plants online or from any local plant store. You should check out the customer review in the online store for authenticity. It would be easier in a local store as you can see and inspect the plant on your own.

Once you have chosen the plant variety and the seller. It’s time to inspect the plant for any disease or problems. Never spend money on damaged or infected jasmine plants. You may save those plants but getting a few blooms is very difficult.

Also, consider a healthy big plant with 3 or more branches to purchase. jasmine plant with a single branch may take a couple of years to mature and bloom.

Final Word

How to Choose a Jasmine Plant? Only choose local healthy jasmine varieties to grow in your garden. These plants are better with a high yield and longer life span. They can easily tolerate winter and summer conditions without any extra support. Therefore consider your requirement and the plant’s nature before buying a jasmine plant.

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