20 Best Companion Plants for Radishes

In our previous post, we have discussed how to grow radishes. Now we are back with a list of Companion Plants for Radishes. Do you know about companion plants? It is just a term for plants growing together without harming one another. They are not any specific plant. It can be any plant that is compatible with radishes. They should not compete for nutrients or water. At least they should not bother with one another growth patterns.

When we talk about radishes their main concern is soil quality. It is a root vegetable that requires soft soil with ample root space. therefore we can’t grow many root vegetables together. At least we can’t go for plants with similar requirements. So if you are interested keep reading.

Companion Plants for Radishes
Companion Plants for Radishes

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Do Radishes need Companions?

Radishes may or may not need companions depending on circumstances. In the best case, you can grow Radishes alone for high yield. It is better to plant them as companions just to save space and increase percapita yield.

If you are a kitchen gardener then you should grow radishes with any companion plant. This is beneficial as you’ll get more yield from multiple crops in the same area. They can benefit each other Although companion planting is not necessary for radishes.

Is it Good to Grow Companion Plants near Radishes?

Yes, it is perfectly fine growing other plants near radishes. Radish is a fast-growing root vegetable. It can grow and be ready to harvest before other plants can even thrive. Therefore you can plant radishes with seasonal crops. The interspacing of crop rows is the best spot for radishes.

You can plant radishes in rows between potatoes. It will grow and mature before the potato plant. Just dig them out and cover the potato roots with loose soil. This can also help potatoes as loosening and refilling of soil can increase better node formation.

Therefore It is good to grow companion plants near radishes.

Benefits of Companion Plants for Radishes

  • Companion plants can protect each other from pests and diseases. If you grow marigolds near radishes then they distract bugs away. This can be helpful to one or both of the companions.
  • Companion Plants not only distract but also attracts beneficial insects towards Radishes. Some Plants can attract ladybugs. If you grow them near radishes then the bugs can provide protection against aphids.
  • Some companions are best for shade. They can provide protection against direct sunlight during noontime. Usually taller companions are good for shades.
  • Companions like peas and lentils can enrich the soil. They can add nitrates to the soil that can feed the radishes. So soil nourishment is a  key benefit of companion plantations.
  • Some companions can also alter the taste of radishes. That’s why radishes differ in taste with location and field condition. Some plants can make radishes more pungent and spicy if grown together. Their dependency on specific nutrients is the cause of this phenomenon.

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Best Companion Plants for Radishes

  1. Beans
  2. Mint
  3. Potato
  4. Peas
  5. Sweet Potato
  6. Turnip
  7. Spinach
  8. Lettuce
  9. Squash
  10. Rosemary
  11. Nasturtiums
  12. Garlic
  13. Onions
  14. Shallots
  15. Marigold
  16. Calendula
  17. Parsnip
  18. Dill
  19. Lemons &Limes
  20. Part Shade under Big Trees

The beans, peas, and lentils are some of the best companions for radishes. They are easy to grow and good for soil health. They can fix nitrates in the soil that feeds the radish roots and leaves. In return, radishes attract bugs away for these companions. It is a co-relationship that decides which plant is good for companionship.

Beans vegetables to grow in may
vegetables to grow in may

Mints or other leafy vegetables and some flowers can be tricky as they need heavy feeding. They also require proper care and attention, unlike radishes. So plant radishes and leafy vegetables or herbs together and keep proper spacing. Don’t forget to water and nourishment, they will need it.

Some members of this list are worthy of protection against pests and disease. Others are good for support and growth. Altogether it is important to decide which plant to choose for radishes. You should not bother with trying something new. Instead, you should plant regular plants with care and see if it works for Radishes. Sometimes a little change in the planting strategy can fix many problems.

How to Choose the Best Companion for Radishes?

You should decide on a few things to determine if a plant is a good companion or not. Look out for plants for their-

  • Similar soil requirements
  • Root structure
  • Growth rate
  • Feeding habits

If 2 or more of these relate exactly to radishes then avoid them. Simply you never choose a plant that requires the same amount of space and nutrition as radish.

A co-existing plant with non-conflicting requirements is the best choice. Think of a plant that needs less room for roots. Isn’t it favorable for better root growth of radish? Nutrition is also very important as radish needs nitrogen and phosphorus compounds and if you grow another heavy feeder then together they may cause a nutrient deficiency in the soil. That’s not good for anybody. Instead, you can choose a plant-like pea, gram, or any legume that can fix nitrogen in soil. They can work together without harming one another.

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Plants Not So Good as Radish Companions

We have seen many plants that are good for growing along with radishes. Now it’s time to learn which ones are not good enough. Yes, that’s right if there is a good companion then there must be something unfavorable.

You can grow them together but they will not comply with one another. These plants can interfere with the natural growth of radishes and can damage them. It is better not to grow them together in the same plot or garden bed.

  • Tomato
  • Pepper
  • Egg Plants
  • Hyssops
  • Brassica Crops
  • Any Heavy feeder with similar requirements

These plants are mostly heavy feeders. They require much care and nutrition. If you grow them with radishes then it may cause nutrient deficiency. Also, some of those plants can attract bugs and pests. They are harmful to one another in many ways. Even if you manage to grow them well together still none will yield better. That’s why it is better to not grow these plants with Radishes.


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