Why Do Some Vegetables Have Seeds and Others Don’t

Have you ever thought Why do Some Vegetables have seeds and others don’t? It is interesting, isn’t it? To understand the concept we have to know all about vegetables. First of all, there is nothing like Vegetables in Botany. You can instead find flowers, fruits, stems, roots, and all other stuff but no vegetables. A vegetable is not a botanical term so it can’t be a fruit. Although Fruits we cook like eggplant or okra are vegetables as for culinary terms.

Some Vegetables do Have Seed and others don’t become not all of them are fruits. Only vegetables that are fruits can have seeds.

Why Do Some Vegetables Have Seeds and Others Don't
Why Do Some Vegetables Have Seeds and Others Don’t?

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What is Being a Vegetable like?

The term vegetable is given to every edible plant part. It is a culinary term that states whatever we get from plant to cook is somehow a Vegetable.

It can be a fruit or the stem of the plant. Usually, the fruits became vegetables once you get them for a definite purpose i.e. for cooking.

So being a vegetable is like anything edible only it should be a plant part. That’s why Eggplant, okra, celery, pumpkin, spinach, and all others are vegetables.

Do Any vegetables have Seeds?

Yeah they do, all fruits have some kind of seed. And if it is used as a vegetable then it should have seeds. Technically only true fruits can have seeds. It means vegetables like celery, spinach, and all other leafy veggies can’t have the seed. At least they can’t have it in the parts we eat.

Vegetables other than fruits don’t have any seeds. You can find other vegetables like leafy vegetables, tubers, stems, flowers, and all those that don’t have any seeds. So if you got any seed in the vegetable you eat then definitely it is fruit.

Therefore, Every fruit that we eat as a vegetable does have a seed and others don’t.

Why Do Some Vegetables have Seed?

Some vegetables have seeds and the reason behind this is they are fruits. Only fruits can have seeds. They get the seed from the fertilized ova. It happens during the pollination process of the flowers. When the flower pollinates, the stigma receives pollen grains from the anther. These pollens contain the essential ingredients that fertilize the ovum present in the ovary of the flower.

It is quite an interesting and complicated natural process. So to simplify I can say that the ovary becomes the fruit and the ova became the seed inside it.

Becoming a fruit doe not always comply to become a vegetable. Although if you cook and then eat fruit then it can be called a vegetable.

A vegetable needs to be fruit to have some seed. If it’s not then no seed will be there. A vegetable is a culinary term. It can comprise any plant part that we can cook or eat.

So every vegetable that has some seed in it is a fruit. That’s why some vegetables have seeds and others don’t. It is related to the consideration of the plant part that we treat as vegetables. If it is a fruit then seeds are there otherwise not.

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Why do some vegetables not have seeds?

Some Vegetables do not have seeds coz they are no fruits. Those vegetables are parts of a plant other than fruit like leaves, stems, or roots. A vegetable can have a seed if it is a biological fruit. Otherwise, it won’t.
That’s why potatoes, celery, or the spinach that we cook don’t have any seeds in them. They can have seeds in their plant but the vegetable doesn’t have them.

How do vegetables grow if they don’t have seeds?

They have seeds but not in their edible parts. Yes, it is true most vegetables have seeds no matter whether we harvest the fruit or not. The plant itself has to reproduce. To multiply and continue its generation each vegetable plant produces seeds in their final days. Once the plant matures they will produce flowers and those flowers fertilize to give the seeds.
Some plants don’t need seeds as they have some other means to reproduce They can reproduce through vegetative parts other than seeds. Sometimes leaves and stems of a few plants can also give birth to their offspring. these are the vegetative parts f the plants hence this type of reproduction is known as vegetative reproduction.

What vegetables have no seeds?

Vegetables other than fruits have no seeds. Leafy vegetables are simply left and others like potatoes are tubers. All of these vegetables don’t have any seeds as they are not fruit.

There are many vegetables without any seed and leafy vegetables are the most common of them all.

Here is a list of vegetables that aren’t fruit and don’t have any seeds in them.

  • Potato
  • Spinach
  • Amaranth
  • Celery
  • Radishes
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Mint
  • All other herbs.

Why do fruits have seeds but vegetables do not?

No this is not true. Fruit vegetables have seeds. Technically a fruit that we cook to eat is a vegetable. Hence Vegetables do have seeds unless they are the plant part other than fruits.

Only vegetables that are true fruits have seeds and others don’t. It is all about consideration. The plant as a whole is a vegetative part. You can have the whole of it or any particular part of the plant. If you consider the fruits of a vegetable plant for cooking then it is the vegetable with seed.


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