Which fruit is the King of Fruits? Interesting facts

which fruit is the king of fruits?- Mango. Worldwide mango is considered as the king of fruits. Other than this many other fruits have gained recognition as Kings of fruits in the fruit kingdom of course.

According to Wikipedia

  • Mango is considered as the king of fruits especially in South Asia. Countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Philippines, and Australia have rated mango as king of fruits.
  • Durian is the king of fruits in South-east Asia. Contrary to previous information countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam have considered Durian as the king of fruits.
  • Figs in England considered as the king of fruits.
  • Passionfruit in Canada.
  • strawberries in Denmark.
  • Pineapple in UK and Italy.

credit: Wikipedia.  What would you say- Which fruit is the king of fruits?

which fruit is the king of fruits
which fruit is the king of fruits? Mango

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Why is Mango Considered the King of Fruits?

After the self-proclaimed kingship, revolts are common. The first in the series is a question- Why is mango called the king of fruits?

Is Mango the king of fruits?- Yes, Mango is the King of fruits. undoubtedly it is the winner of the race for kingship. No other fruit is nearly close in terms of cultivation and consumption of Mango.

The Answer to this question can have many reasons. First, Those who grow and those who love mango may have claimed it as the king of fruit. This is pretty satisfying as mango is native to India and Indian Subcontinent and now being grown worldwide.

This means everyone who loves mango has contributed to holding the kingship crown for the Mango.

Next is probably its Commercial viability. Yes, Mango is the most cultivated fruit in the world. Some studies show that Nearly 50 million Tonnes of mangoes are grown worldwide every year.

It is way too much for any other fruit grown globally. Also, It is not very cheap. Even in India- Native country of mango, It can cost somewhere near $10-$15 per dozen (12 pieces) this is not nearly cheap.

Other than high price, Its taste and nutritional value have also made it the king of fruits. Mango is a very nutritious fruit. Other than glucose, it contains VitaminC and folate in abundance. Having a glass full of mango milkshake is something you can’t miss.

Besides all these facts, there is certainly a solid reason for- why mango is called the king of fruits?- Yes, It is the king coz the King once rated it as such. Once Mughal Emperor Akbar ordered the plantation of 100 000 Mango trees only because he loves it so much.

If kings love it, everyone should love it too. Therefore, I think these were the reasons that make Mango the king of fruit.

Next is Durian- Why is it called the King among all fruits? Also, read Are Lemons and Limes the same Fruit?-Kitchen facts.

Why Durian Is the King of Fruit?

First, Its size. It’s big and it is exotic. Yes, Durian is considered the king of fruit in Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

Durian is bigger than mango, maybe this is one of the reasons to satisfy the local cultivators.

The second reason is Durian looks like a Crown. A self-made crown owned can make you a king. At least in your Kingdom. That’s why people in South-east Asian countries have made Durian the King of fruits.

The third is its exotic nature. Durian is still not very cannon in Many parts of the world. It is gaining respect but quite slowly.

On contrary to Durian, Mango is widely recognized and loved as conventional fruits. This is a certain advantage for Mango over Durian in the race for Kingship in the fruit kingdom.

Is Apple a king of fruits?

May be in many aspects an Apple can be considered as the king of fruits or at least a brother of it. Considering the health benefits I think It should be considered as the king.

According to Nordic mythology, a “Golden Apple ” is a fruit that can give you immortality. This is a sufficient and valid reason for the Nordic peoples to consider an Apple the king of the fruits.


If we count for votes, Definitely Mango will win the race with over 80% votes. Other than that the strong foul smell of Durian has played a negative role.

Both Mango and Durian has lots of Nutrition. Also, these fruits add a lot to the Economy of their cultivator countries. So despite all the word fight, it is just a matter of thought. Only the consumers have the true right to crown any fruit as the king of all.

It is up to you, If you like grapes or papaya or any other fruit then you can consider it as the king- only if you can get enough Votes-Bazinga!

Now, What do you think, Which fruit is the king of fruits? Write down your comments and views regarding today’s topic. Also, share anything interesting if you want others to know about it.

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