What is 312 Fertilizer and How to use it? Plant Care

Today we will discuss another common Chemical fertilizer- “NPK 312 or 312 Fertilizer”. Fertilizers have become a part of every gardener’s life. The use of these fertilizers has grown exponentially in the past 2 decades. It is practically not possible to grow crops and vegetables without fertilizers. You will need some if you want to grow any plant. The type and quantity may differ but the need is inevitable.  If you know What is 312 Fertilizer is and How to use it then great else don’t worry, we’ll discuss it here.

What is 312 Fertilizer and How to use it? Plant Care
What is 312 Fertilizer and How to use it? Plant Care

What is 312 Fertilizer?

312 Fertilizer is a balanced blend of 3 part nitrogen,1 part Phosphorus, and 2 part Potassium in total 10 Part fertilizer. The rest of the 4 part is either natural compost, soil, sand, or salt granules. The over all texture, color and consistency depends on the base material used to prepare these 312 fertilizers. 

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A 312 fertilizer is an NPK fertilizer with 3:1:2 parts of Nitrogen, Phosphates, and Potash. It contains 30% nitrogenous compounds mostly Nitrates with 10% Phosphate such as P2O5 and 20% Potash i.e. K2O. Together they blend well to nourish the soil.

312Fertilizer is very useful for the initial growth of any plant or tree. The abundance of Nitrogen helps in rapid foliage growth. It boosts the upper body growth of the plant.

The Phosphorus helps in building a strong vascular structure. It regulates the nutrition and water flow within the plant. The next important aspect of NPK is Potash. Potash is a Potassium compound that contains K2O. It boosts the root, flower, and fruit development in a plant.

The distribution of these three components makes it a unique fertilizer. The overall composition of 3 parts Nitrogen, 1 part Phosphorus, and 2 part Potassium gives it the unique name- 312Fertilizer. It is also known as NPK312.

Different Variants of 312 Fertilizer

There are several variants of 312 fertilizer available in the market. Most of them have some natural base like compost or vermiculite while others are pure salt granules.

Neem oil or powder-based 312 fertilizers are very popular among gardeners. It not only nourishes the soil but also protects the plants from pests. The Azardactin present in Neem oil is a Strong natural pesticide and bug repellent.

You can also find 312 fertilizers in the form of-

  • Seaweed extract
  • Water-soluble NPK salts
  • Compost with 312 NPK
  • Liquid fertilizer and many more.

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What is 312 Fertilizer used for?

The 312 fertilizer is a strong plant booster. It is used to encourage fast and strong structural growth. 312 fertilizer is unique in concentration. It contains Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium in a 3:1:2 ratio.  You can use it for any type of plant or tree.

Fruiting trees like apple, guava, mango, and others can perform better with only 1 or 2 applications of 312 fertilizer. It is a great nutrition blend for fruit or flower development. The best part of these 312 fertilizers is that they usually contain natural compost or organic base materials. This makes them better than other granular NPK.

The organic matter itself decomposes and releases nitrogen into the soil. It is mixed with bonemeal and fish fertilizer to maintain a 312 ratio of all three nutrients. The liquid form of 312 fertilizer contains extracts of natural sources. You can use it as a spray to feed your plant from the top. The high dissolution rate of liquid fertilizer makes it a great alternative to granular fertilizers.

We can use 312 liquid fertilizers in leafy vegetables as well as for fruit veggies like eggplants and peppers.

How to Apply 312 Fertilizer?

The proper dose is always shown on the package of every fertilizer. It shows the safe amount for every single application. If it is not there or you don’t have the package intact. Then follow the 1 spoon rule. Don’t worry it’s nothing special.

This is a very simple rule, use a small teaspoon to measure the fertilizer for each plant. Just 1 teaspoon is sufficient for every plant bigger than 10 inches. If the plant is in a container that is 8 to 10 inches big then apply 1 to 2 spoons of fertilizer. Else just a half of it is sufficient for the container. Repeat this once in 20 to 25 days. Don’t hurry with the schedule, it will take time to disolve so have some patience.

The liquid form of 312 fertilizer can be used in 1 to 3% dilution with plain water. Add 10ml fertilizer in 1liter or 1000ml water. Apply this solution to the plants. Avoid splashing water on the foliage or it may damage it.

Is 312 Fertilizer good for Lawn?

A lawn requires nitrogen high fertilizer that can boost grass. Lawn managers use Urea based fertilizer to feed the grass. It contains 35 to 40% of Nitrogen. As an alternative, you can also use 312 Fertilizer on the lawn. This fertilizer has sufficient nitrogen for foliage growth. In addition to nitrogen, it will feed the roots with an abundance of Potassium and phosphorus. Together they can help in building a strong root and shoot structure of the grass.

If you have a common garden and lawn area then the 312 fertilizer is best for you. You can use it for grass as well as any vegetable or fruit plants. Just follow the usages guidelines given on the package and enjoy gardening.

How long does 312 fertilizer take to work?

Most variants of 312 fertilizer are made with an Organic material base and chemical NPK fertilizer. Together they can balance out the nutritional need of any plant for a longer duration.

The organic compost slowly releases the nutrition in the soil whereas the NPK salt dissolves quickly. It can take anywhere from 48 hours to 76 hours to show any visible change in the plant after application.

A 312 fertilizer needs at least 24 -48 hours to start its proceedings. A sudden increase in foliage growth, new green leaves, and lots of bloom are positive indications of 312 fertilizer.

You should reapply these fertilizers in 20 to 25 days duration.

How much 312 fertilizer to use per acre of land?

The 312 fertilizer is usually not used for large agricultural lands. There are several other more specific fertilizers available for farmlands. Still, for measurement purposes, we can say that 28 to 30 pounds of 312 fertilizer are sufficient for 1 acre of land.

Generally, you will need only 400 to 1500 grams or just 1 liter of 312 fertilizers for your garden. Still, this quantity is too much for dozens of plants. It will last for more than 4 months even with multiple applications.

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Where to buy 312 fertilizer?

You should visit your local garden store to buy fertilizers. They know the best composition for every specific plant type. The 312 NPK fertilizer is a good choice for several plant types. Although, I prefer specific fertilizer specially for leafy vegetables and flowers. Sometimes a combination of 2 or NPK fertilizer works great for vegetables. Therefore, know your plant’s needs and buy fertilizers from trusted sellers.

You can also buy different types of 312 fertilizers on Amazon. There are dozens of different varieties available to choose from. So visit a garden store or just amazon and buy 312 fertilizers.

Precaution while using 312 Fertilizer

  • Read the usage details before applying it to any plant.
  • 312 NPK can also damage the plant if overused.
  • Don’t forget to water your plants after fertilizing. Water will settle down, disolve and spread the fertilizer equally in the soil.
  • Never leave NPK 312 granules in open soil. Direct sunlight may break the compounds and it will not help the plants anymore. All of these can happen in just 2 hours. That’s why chemical fertilizers should be stored in cool dark storage.
  • Avoid contacting fertilizer granules with the leaves or soft stem. The decomposition of 312 fertilizer is an exothermic reaction. It means the fertilizer can burn the foliage if stays in contact for long.

Final Words

what do you think about NPK 312 Fertilizers? It is a commonly used low concentration fertilizer. There are many different variants of these fertilizers available in the stores. You can find one in compost base, liquid extract, or plain salt granule base. This variation helps it to adapt to different plant types. It is a useful fertilizer but can also damage the plants if overdone. Therefore, read the details given on the package before using it in your garden.


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