Vegetables that Start With A to Z- Beginners Guide

There are lots of vegetables in the world. All have a unique structure, taste, and properties. It is really very interesting to know about vegetables that start with A to Z. Today here I’ll start from A to Z and share all possible vegetables known in the world.

Vegetable Names with A to Z

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vegetables that start with -A

vegetables name start with A to Z

  • Artichoke-

French artichoke or green artichoke is basically flower buds of the plant.

  • Asparagus-

Commonly we know garden asparagus as sparrow grass. It is basically the shoot of the plant which is used as a spring vegetable.

  • Arugula-

It is a leafy vegetable and is Amazing for salad. People know arugula as rucola, salad rocked, and Italian cress.

vegetable names with -B

  • Broccoli-

Broccoli is a plant of the cabbage family. The edible part is the large green flower-like head.

  • Brinjal-

Brinjal or eggplant has basically purple, green, and white color sponge-like absorbent fruit. It is used as a vegetable and is very delicious.

  • Beans-

Beans are used as vegetables. It is mainly cooked along with the seeds and gives your dish yummy crunchiness.

  • Beetroot-

As the name describes, it is a root vegetable. The knot-like red color root looks more similar to a turnip depending on the shape. It is mainly used in salads.

  • Bitter guard-

The name bitter guard is due to the bitter taste of the fruit. But it has many health benefits and that’s why we use it as food.

  • Bottle guard-

This vegetable has many named- you can call it white-flowered guar, long melon, guinea, or Tasmania beans. It grows in vines and is used as a vegetable.

  • Bok choy-

It is basically a Chinese white cabbage. People call it Pok Choi and even pak choi. You can see the bulbous bottom with no head. it is basically a cluster of green leaves.

  • Broad beans-

Broad beans basically are known as fava beans or faba. It is a flowering plant of the pea family and used as a cover crop.

  • Brussels sprouts-

Brussels sprouts are a vegetable of the cabbage family. The bud of the plant is edible and looks like cute little miniature cabbage.

  • Belgian Endive-

It is pale yellow color lettuce. The taste of Belgian endive is a little bitter.

  • Basil-

It is used for the flavor in different dishes like pasta and pizza. Basil is a herb that has many health benefits.

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  • Carrot-

It is a root vegetable that can be eaten raw. Red, yellow, and oranges are color varieties of carrot.

  • Capsicum-

Capsicum is used for enhancing the flavor of different cuisines. The seeds look similar to green chili but it is not at all hot. It just adds an aroma to the food.

  • Corn-

Corn is a cereal grain rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. This starchy vegetable is eaten all over the world as grain.

  • Cucumber-

Cucumber is a summer fruit. Widely cultivated vines with a guard like fruit. Cucumber is watery and does not contain any taste or flavor.

  • Cabbage-

Leafy vegetable with round beg head of leaves. It is commonly eaten as a salad.

  • Chili-

The hotness you add to your dishes is only because of this vegetable. People commonly use chili as a spice.

  • Celery-

Celery is a small plant widely cultivated for leaves. It contains a fresh aroma and commonly used for garnishing dishes.

  • Chayote-

Chayote is a vegetable from the guard family. It is a type of squash.

  • Cassava-

It is a tuberous long root of a plant. You can use to make bread, chips and even in stews. The starchy root is poisonous and you have to cook it before consumption.

  • Celeriac-

Celeriac is basically a root of celery. You know it as turnip-rooted celery or knob celery. It is basically an edible plant with edible roots.

  • crookneck-

Crookneck is a variety of squash mainly yellow in color. The shape of the fruit is like a curved neck club-shaped.

  • Chicory-

Chicory is a flowering plant with a tough hairy stem. It is famous for coffee taste is also very similar to coffee. The leaves of the plant are used as celery mainly for salad.

  • Collard-

It is a leafy vegetable with a bunch of loose leaves. It looks very similar to cabbage and is also commonly cultivated as Cabbage and broccoli.

  • Cantaloupe-

Cantaloupe is very similar to melon and similar in taste too.


  • Drum stick-

As the name declares Drum sick is a vegetable similar to green beans. It is a tree with edible flowers and fruit. The fruits are green thick soft thread-like edible bean pods. As the fruits grow older it becomes hard as a stick with soft fleshy inside.

  • Dandelion greens-

Dandelion is a flowering plant widely cultivated for spices. The leaves of the plant are used as a vegetable.

  • Daikon-

It is basically a long white napiform root. Commonly known as radish and has many different names.

  • Dill-

Dill is a plant from the celery family. The flower and seed of this plant are widely used as spices and herbs.


  • Egg Plant-

Eggplant is commonly known as brinjal. Purple color brinjal is very common but you find white and green species too. The fruit is usually very light sponge-like.

  • Endive-

Endive is a better-leaved vegetable with light yellow and white leaves.

  • Edamame-

It is green premature soybean. Beans can be consumed after blanching or cooking.

  • Escarole-

Escarole is a green leafy vegetable very similar to endive. It is very popular in Italian cuisine. You can eat escarole even raw or cooked.

  • English beans-



  • Fennel-

It is a flowering plant with feathery leaves. Fennel is from the carrot family and produces yellow flowers.

  • Fiddleheads-

It is a turn with curve fronds.  Fiddlehead green has a similar flavor to asparagus.

  • French sorrel-

French sorrel is a culinary herb. It is mainly used in salads.


  • Ginger-

Ginger is one of the most important and popular spice. It is basically a rood of a plant. People use it in many dishes for the flavor and it’s amazing health benefits.

  • Garlic-

Garlic is from the onion family and is widely used as a seasoning. The strong flavor of garlic is used to enhance the flavors of different cuisines worldwide.

  • Green beans-

Green beans are a popular green vegetable. It adds crunchiness to the dish.


  • Horseradish-

It is a root of a plant used as a spice and condiment. The shape is very similar to radish.

  • Hot bell pepper-

Hot bell pepper is actually a hybrid of chili and bell peppers. It is something unique that gives the flavor of bell pepper with subtle hotness or warmth.


  • Jack fruit-

Jack fruit is a tree of fig or mulberry family. It is one of the largest fruit to grow in a tree. Raw jack fruit is cooked as a curry and riped fruit is sweet in taste. You can use ripe fruit for dessert or can eat as it is. Even the seed of jack fruit is edible, Roast it or boil it as you like.


  • Kale

Kale or you can call is leaf cabbage. If you are a green vegetable lover, it must be your favorite, isn’t it?

  • Kohlrabi

Kohlrabi or german turnip is actually not from the turnip family. You can eat kohlrabi raw or cooked as per your taste.


  • Lemon-

Lemon is known for its tangy taste and citrusy fresh aroma. Lemonaid is everyone’s favorite in summer which you can’t make without lemon. Lemon juice is also used in pickles, some sauces, salads, and some chicken dishes for its unique taste.

  • Leeks-

Leeks are bundled leaf sheaths which is edible as vegetables. It is very similar to onion and also belongs to the same family.

  • Lettuce-

Lettuce is one of the most popular leafy vegetable used as salad.


  • Mushroom-

These are basically macrofungi that can be found mainly in damp and dark places. Edible mushrooms are very popular all over the world.

  • Mint-

Mint is a type of herb used for its refreshing aroma. You can use it for some refreshing drinks and also use it as garnishing many dishes.

  • Mustard green-

Mustard is popularly used as a spice. The leaf of the plant is also edible and we know it as mustard green, mustard cabbage, or bamboo mustard.


  • Onion

Onion is a king of many dishes. You can eat an onion raw in a salad, sandwiches, or burgers. It is tightly bound purple or white leaves with a strong flavor.

  • Okra-

Okra is another name for ladyfinger. It is used in many green dishes all over the world.


  • Pea-

Small round green balls enclosed in a pod is pea. You can use it for fry rice, noodles, and curry. Raw small beans are sweet in taste.

  • Potatoes

Potatoes are one of the most popular root vegetables. It is often known as a king of all vegetables as you can cook it with any vegetable. Make fries or curry, mashed potatoes to mashed potato balls, it is delicious.

  • Parsnip-

Parsnip is a long tuberous cream-colored root. It is very similar to carrot and parsley.

  • parsley-

Green parsley or parsley is a herb or you can eat it as a vegetable. It is basically a flowering plant with pinnate leaves. You can use it for garnishing.

  • Peppers-

There are types of peppers in the world. they are from the capsicum family.

  • Pumpkin-

Pumpkin is a subtle sweet vegetable that is edible. Mainly we eat pumpkins after cooking it. Halloween is the time of the year when the demand for pumpkins increases for making jack-o-lanterns.

  • Puha-

Puha is actually a wild plant. you can eat it as a leafy vegetable. There are different types of puha one with smooth leaves and one with rough leaf and slightly bitter taste. Both types of puha are edible.


  • Quinoa leaves-

Quinoa is a seed of a plant. It is now very popular among people of diet. It can help you lose weight and stay fit. the leaf of the plant is also edible.


  • Radish-

Radish is a white or pink color root vegetable. It has a hot pepper-like flavor. you can eat raw radish as a salad or cook it if you like.

  • Rutabagas-

Rutabagas or Swedish turnip is a root vegetable. It is a hybrid of turnip with wild cabbage.

  • Rhubarb-

Rhubarb is a herbaceous plant that grows from thick rhizomes. It is sweet in taste and now very popular in pie-making.

  • Radicchio-

Radicchio is a cabbage-like purple vegetable. It is very common in Italian cuisines and also known as Italian chicory.


  • Spinach-

Spinach is actually a superfood loaded with proteins, vitamins, and tons of nutrients. Raw or blanch spinach is amazing for hair, skin ad your body. It has lots of health benefits too.

  • Sweet potato-

Sweet potato is a root vegetable that looks similar to a potato. It is sweet in taste and you can eat sweet potatoes just after boiling or roasting.

  • Sweet corn-

Sweet corn is basically the small corn picked when premature. The baby corn grains are sweet in taste and hence called sweet corn.

  • Silver beans-

  • shallots-

Shallots are closely related to garlic and onion. It is often called onions but there are slight differences between them. It looks different from traditional onions.

  • Snap peas-

Snap peas are a cross of normal peas and snow peas. You can eat the whole pea pod. It is sweet in t5aste and can add crunch to your dish.

  • Salsify-

Salsify tastes like oysters after cooking. It is also known as the oyster plant. This root vegetable is from the dandelion family.

  • Sorrel-

Sorrel is a small leafy plant with a tangy lemon-like intense taste. People grow it as garden herm and also eat sorrel as a salad.

  • squash-

Squash is from a gourd family and grows in vines. It has more than 15 varieties in the world.

  • Swiss Chard-

Swiss chard is a leafy vegetable with long big green leaves and pink or red stems.


  • Tomato

It is a red sweet fruit vegetable. You can have it fresh from the farm. Just clean it, cut it & Cook it. Or Just have a raw bite, I think you will like it as much as I do. Tomato is one of the juiciest vegetables you can find in the supermarket.

  • Turnip

Another popular root vegetable. It is popular for healthy vegetable-soups and salad dressings.

  • Tomatillo

It is a Small tomato-like fruit with a tangy-sweet taste.

  • Taro

An unusual edible root vegetable. The leaves of taro plants are also edible but not very easy to cook. In fact, some wild taro can cause a severe reaction leading to rashes, brushes, prolonged itching, and anaphylactic shock in the worst case. So be careful before trying this one. It tastes really great, just cook it with proper care.


  • White corn

  • Watercress

  • Witloof


  • Yam


Vegetables start with A to Z

  • Zucchini- Zucchini is basically a cucumber and contains a high amount of water and less pulp. It doesn’t have any taste of flavor, you can sprinkle salt, chili, and some mints for aroma.



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