Is Rice, Wheat Grains are Vegetable? Kitchen Garden facts

There is nothing like a vegetable known in science. It is confusing? I think so. We will make that clear. Ok, Today’s discussion is about -is rice, wheat, or grains are vegetables? What do you think? If you need something interesting to know then keep reading.

Is Rice, Wheat Grains are Vegetable?– No, Both Rice and Wheat are edible Grains but not vegetables.

Is Rice, Wheat Grains are Vegetable
Is Rice, Wheat Grains are Vegetable?- No

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Is Rice a Vegetable?

No, Rice is not a vegetable. It is an edible grain. Rice is a type of grass. It is an edible grain obtained from the grass.

Ok, everything is correct but something is missing. What?- the vegetable part. It arises a question- Why can we say rice is a vegetable?

There is a straight simple answer to this question. Because no one has classified rice as vegetables. Yes, It is the matter of classification. Not as scientific classification as Rice is a Grain there. we are eating it almost every day still we don’t consider it a vegetable.

I think it is only for our eating habits and commercial benefits. We don’t treat rice as vegetables only because it does not have that specific vegetable texture and feel. It is food, something edible obtained from a grass-like plant.

One difference that may have contributed to this thought is the way of cooking rice. Are you familiar with cooking rice or something? If yes, then you must have seen the difference. Just try to observe that.

In simple words, Rice is a grain but not a vegetable.

Is Wheat a Vegetable?

No, Wheat is not a vegetable. It is an edible grain just like the rice. Both wheat and Rice are just grain, not vegetables.

Some people consider it vegetable but scientifically it is incorrect. You can grind and make flour out of wheat. Certainly, you are not going to cook and eat wheat grains as a whole. Or maybe you can. In some parts of the world, roasted whole wheat is a delicacy, so you can have it. Wheat sprouts are very healthy and green. Can we consider it vegetable?

The consideration for vegetables doesn’t fit for that, especially for whole wheat being edible. The whole concept of vegetables is in fact a point of discussion. Who defines anything edible as a vegetable- you or the law of science or just your government.

Are whole grain vegetables?

Now, this is something interesting. Corn is a grain and called vegetables especially in Newyork. In other states, it is just the grain or simple food crop.

What makes the difference? Is it Science? No definitely not. Corn or other such edible seeds are simple grains.  It is the law and political system that makes corn a vegetable. Obviously for commercial benefits and economy. In fact, Corn is the official vegetable of New york.

What do you think-Grains are vegetables on not?

Difference between a Grain and a Vegetable

The first difference is the consideration. Both Wheat and Rice are seed grain in biology. Whereas, science doesn’t define anything as vegetables.

So, the base of evaluation for food vegetables is dependent on culinary facts. Now in technical terms vegetables are the edible parts of the plants. We eat Rice and wheat, there are grown in fields. Therefore, we can say those vegetables. Can we no we can’t.

Why? Because no one gonna here you for that. Its the decision made by government that makes the difference.

In simple terms, grains are the seeds obtained from grass-like plants. It is true we can eat it but we cannot classify it as we want.

Technically there are many factors regarding the adaption of any food item as vegetables. The most important of all is the acceptance and commercial value.

Corn is the most cultivated and consumed grain throughout the USA. It has high commercial value associated. So states like New York has classified it as an official vegetable.

Similarly, some other crop grains are also called vegetables worldwide. Some call these as vegetables for their taste and use in cooking. Whereas others call it vegetables due to their commercial benefits.

Final Words

Rice and Wheat are grain but not vegetables. You can call it whatever you want but the fact is the fact. It is your government who actually can make these changes. You just have to eat and sleep. So what do you think-Is Rice, Wheat Grains are Vegetable?

Write anything, no one gonna stops you here. Enjoy Reading and keep Gardening. Live Green!


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