Is Ozone Water Safe for Plant?

Is Ozone Water Safe for Plant?- Ozone Water is completely safe for plants. Although too much of anything can be harmful. Ozone or O3 is an Oxygen molecule O2 with an extra atom. This configuration is not very stable at room temperature. In fact, The Ozone water has only 30 minutes of half-life. Half of the Ozone concentration will be lost by 30 minutes of preparation. Generally, ozone water is useful in the sterilization of equipment, especially in an aquaponics system. It is not meant for watering your plants. Although your plants can benefit from the ozone if you use it carefully.

Indoor hydroponics gardeners use Ozone water to treat their equipment. They also use it for keeping the plant disease-free. Ozone is a natural disinfectant and it can help with similar uses.  We will start our discussion with the basics. So let’s start…

Is Ozone Water Safe for Plant?
Is Ozone Water Safe for Plant?

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What is Ozone Water?

Ozone water is clean purified drinking water. It contains Ozone moles instead of regular oxygen molecules. The Ozone water is prepared with extra oxygen to the existing Molecule concentration in the water. It is an allotropic combination that sterilizes the water and makes it a powerful oxidizing agent.

The extra oxygen in the water can react with certain metals and compounds. Therefore it is very useful in the sterilization process even as a surface disinfectant for fungal treatment in plants.

The presence of Ozone molecules in the water is not permanent. It will start decaying just after preparation. half of the concentration will dissolve within 30 minutes of preparation. That’s why it is best to use ozone water just after preparation.

These days most water purifiers are equipped with ozone saturation devices. Therefore you can easily prepare and use Ozone water in your home with an Ozone water purifier.

Can I use ozone Water for Watering my Plants?

Yes, you can definitely use clean Ozone water to water any plant. Ozone water is just any regular water with extra oxygen. It is often common in indoor gardening. Gardners especially hydroponics gardeners use ozone water to treat plant roots.

The ozone water is a powerful oxidizing agent. It can help in the aeration of open roots. Also, the extra oxygen will help the roots to respire properly.

Altogether you can use ozone water for hydrating as well as cleaning your plants. This water can clean off fungal spores, insect eggs, and dirt from the leaves. In fact, Ozone water is better than chlorinated water as it doesn’t react with essential nutrients in the soil.

Phosphorus, potassium, or sulfur compounds in the soil don’t react with ozone water. the soil will not lose any nutrients during the watering period. Therefore you need not worry about frequent fertilization of the soil.

Be careful with the use of Ozone water. It is useful for your plants although it can harm some plants if overused.

How to Use Ozone Water for Plants?

You can use ozone water in two specific ways. First, you can spray your plants with ozone water. It will rise off all the dirt. It can also kill fungal spores and pest eggs. Overall spraying ozone water can protect the plant from several diseases.

Next, you can after your plants as usual with fresh ozone water. It will oxidize the roots and help them breathe properly. Ozone water can also help with the treatment of root nematodes. Nematodes are dangerous tiny worms that feed on roots. They dig deep and form blotches. Nematode infestation can deform the entire root system and it is very difficult to treat. The plant will die before you even notice any sign of infestation.

That’s why ozone water is so useful, it can kill these worms. There are many research records available in support of this statement.

Effects of Ozone Water on House plants?

The use of ozone water is useful for the house plant. If you spray your houseplants with ozone water just twice every week. Then this can reduce the chance of fungal infestation by 80%.

Ozone water is a powerful oxidizing agent. It can remove the dirt along with any trace of heavy metal. These heavy metals are toxic for the plants as well as for those who consume them. If you grow any edible plant like lettuce, spinach, or any exotic leafy vegetable. then ozone water can keep them safe. You can grow your own vegetables without worrying about any toxic impurities.

If you water your houseplants with ozone water then it can keep the soil disease-free. Ozone water can kill root node nematodes. It is helpful for tomato gardening. Tomato, potato, chili pepper, and other bell peppers can benefit from ozone water. These plants are susceptible to nematode infestation. Regular use of fresh ozone water can control the nematode growth and also treat the infected roots. The result shows that 20-40% of nematode infections can be treated with ozone water.

Ozone water does not dissolve phosphorus and potassium compounds thus saving frequent use of fertilizers. It is better than chlorinated tap water as there is no severe side-effect of ozone water on houseplants. Although it can harm your plants in case of waterlogging or soggy soil.

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Is it Safe to Use Ozone Water for plants?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to use Ozone water for plants. If you use ozone water for drinking and cleaning fruits and vegetables. ten the wastewater is worth using for plants. Even used ozone water is good for plants Although ozone concentration in the water will deplete after a few hours. You should water your plants with fresh ozone water. It contains the maximum amount of ozone. The concentration will reduce to half in 30 minutes and continue to deplete with time. So it is better to use ozone water just after preparation.

You can also spray your plants with ozone water. It will keep the plants clean and hydrated. Ozone water can also treat mild fungal infections in plants. Regular use of ozone water as a foliar spray can prevent further fungal growth and pests attacks on your house plants.

It is safe to use ozone water for plants. Although use should e careful with the application. As too much water can also cause waterlogging, sogginess, and foul odor in the soil. This is not very common but possible if you ignore the symptoms. Even too much spraying of water can attract pests like aphids, mealybug, and whitefly toward the plants. So prevention is better than cure. Therefore use ozone water with precaution and keep your plants healthy.

Pros and Cons of Ozone Water

  • Ozone water is a powerful oxidizing agent. It can clean heavy metals from the leaf surface.
  • Ozone water can treat pests and fungal spores on the plant surface.
  • This water can kill microscopic nematodes. They can prevent roots from nematode attacks.
  • Ozone water can boost aquaponic plants with extra oxygen.
  • It can protect nutrients in the soil from degradation. Also, ozone water doesn’t dissolve phosphorus or potassium fertilizers. Thus keep them safe from wasting during watering.
  • Excessive corrosion of metallic containers and planters is one drawback of ozone water. Extra oxygen is responsible for this process.
  • Only overuse of ozone water can harm your plants. If you keep it regulated and under control then your plants will grow and thrive better than ever.
  • Ozone water has a short 30 minutes halftime life. Therefore it will be ineffective after a few hours of preparation. It is better to use ozone water just after preparation.

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Final Words

Is Ozone Water Safe for Plant?- Yes it is perfectly safe unless you overuse the ozone water and dampen the soil. Ozone water can be effective for fungal treatment, pest control as well as better root growth. It only needs proper management and that’s it.

What’s your opinion on today’s topic? Write down in the comments and keep gardening.


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