Is Broccoli Man-Made or Genetically Modified Food?

Topic: Is Broccoli Man-Made or Genetically Modified Food? Broccoli is scientifically known as Brassica oleracea var. Italica. Brassica oleracea is the common name for all the members of this species and broccoli is a variation with name Italica. The term Italica is given to broccoli due to its Italian origin. Broccoli is a native vegetable to Italy and a close relative to cauliflower and kale.

The characteristics of broccoli are so closely related to other members of this family that sometimes it is called as green cauliflower. These similarities between broccoli, cauliflower, and kale raise some questions. Is broccoli a true vegetable, is it manmade or is broccoli a genetically modified variety and many more. Today we will discuss all these questions in detail and will try to find genuine valid answers for all. So let us start…

Is Broccoli Man Made
Is Broccoli Man-Made?

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Is broccoli man-made?

Yes, Technically Broccoli is a man-made vegetable. Broccoli belongs to the species Brassica oleracea and named with variation Italica. This change is characteristics and the name shows its relation to its origin land Italy.

Initially, broccoli was a wild plant from Italy that belongs to the species Brassica oleracea. Nearly 2000 years ago, some Italian farmers introduced this plant to another member of the same species. They were trying to get a plant with characteristics more likely to today’s broccoli.

It is not sure whether knowingly or unknowingly, but for sure they have started selective breeding or hybridization which ultimately leads to the development of what we know today as Broccoli.

It is an interesting fact that the same procedure of selective hybridization with the same species has resulted in different plants in different locations. Cauliflower, Kale and Brussel sprouts were developed from the same species.

The difference in the characteristics of these plants was the result of the difference in the requirement and necessity of the farmer who grows them.

This type of modification is very slow. Therefore, it is estimated that those plants may have gone through 1000 generation of cross-breeding and selective hybridization before developing into their current forms.

So with all these discussions, it can be concluded that the existence of man has helped nature to modify a plant to form a new one like Broccoli. Without man vegetables like Broccoli would not have developed. Therefore, It is proved now that Broccoli is a man-made vegetable. Also read- Is lavender a herb, shrub or a flower?

Is broccoli genetically modified?

Yes, Broccoli is a genetically modified variety. In modern science or genetics, modification of genes is related to mostly artificially induced characters to specific living thing including plants.

So to explain this question we have to understand that in nature, genetic modification is not always intentional or selected. Sometimes or most of the times it is circumstantial to the surroundings and other environmental factors. Man plays a very small role in this situation, we are just a small factor in these natural processes.

We considered broccoli as a genetically modified vegetable. Technically there may be some complexities with this statement but, it is 100% true. The characteristic features of broccoli-like the green color of stem and crown are present due to their specific genes.

These genes were not induced artificially nor the process was altered anyhow. All the specific characteristics of broccoli were developed by continuous breeding or selective breeding for thousands of generations of these plants. This alteration was done by ancient Italian farmers. They were in search of a vegetable that fits their needs for taste and nutrition.

As the man was a factor in carving the characters of specific genes in Broccoli. Therefore, it is confirmed that Broccoli is a genetically modified plant.

Is broccoli a real vegetable?

Yes, Broccoli is a real vegetable. It is found worldwide and generally consumed as cooked vegetables.

In concept, The broccoli resembles a green cauliflower but it is not a cauliflower. Broccoli is a genetic variation in kale or maybe cauliflower. It is green in color and looks similar to cauliflower.

This variation may have occurred 1000s of years ago and traced back to Italy. That’s why scientifically it is named Brassica oleracea var. Italica.

Is broccoli genetically modified cauliflower?- Yes, Broccoli is genetically modified but not cauliflower. Both broccoli and cauliflower have common origin i.e. they belong to Brassica oleracea species. Broccoli is slightly different due to its specific genes that provide the green coloring rather than complete white as in cauliflower.

Is broccoli a human invention?

No Broccoli is not a Human Invention. First of all, it is a natural product, plants can not be invented rather we can discover a new species or so.

On the other hand, we can say the Broccoli is man-made. The development of broccoli from its original wild variety has taken more than 2000 years of continuous selective breeding.

Generations after generations it has been cross breed to obtain its current state and ultimately form the Broccoli. It is a completely natural process that was just guided in a way by humans to obtain what we need.

Overall, we can say that Broccoli is a man-made natural vegetable that is developed with a little help from humans.


Broccoli is man-made, genetically modified real vegetable. It is a relative to the mustard family and belongs to Brassica oleracea species. There is more than 3700 member of this family. Cauliflower and kale are close relatives to Broccoli. Broccoli is a native vegetable plant in Italy. It was developed by Italian farmers nearly 2000 years ago.

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