27 Indoor and outdoor plants that repel mosquitoes

Mosquitoes, we all hate these tiny creatures. Not just unhealthy, they are really annoying. Sometimes when we want to spend some quality time outdoor- these insects never let this happen.

It is certainly bad to stay out with mosquitoes but its even worse if they enter the house. Keeping them out is really difficult but it is way harder to control these nasty creatures inside without any chemical support.

It is 100% sure that I don’t like mosquitoes at all. If you ask me what makes me mad about them then I would say mostly three different things-I hate.

First is their annoying buzz. Second is their bloodsucking nature – it’s nasty and it hurts isn’t it. The third is the most dangerous reason. These tiny creatures are not only frustrating but also carry some of the most dangerous diseases with them. Malaria kills more people than any other disease in the world and it is spread by these mosquitoes.

Handling mosquitoes with chemicals is an effective way, but is it really helpful. No, not at all, the reason is the toxicity of chemicals being used to kill those mosquitoes. These chemicals are even harmful to us, our children, and our pets. So what to do?

plants that repel mosquitoes
Plants that repel mosquitoes.

I have an easy and innovative idea to solve this problem. Why not ask the mother nature to help us to get rid of nasty mosquitoes. Yes, you all are right. I’m talking about plants that can keep you safe everywhere.

Grow them in pots or in shade it is sure that they will dither mosquitoes and protect you from many deadly diseases caused by them.

So here is a short list of plants to keep you safe from mosquitoes. Check out the list first then we will continue the discussion.

Plants that repel mosquitoes

  1. Citronella
  2. Lemon Balm
  3. Catnip
  4. Marigolds
  5. Basil
  6. Lavender
  7. Peppermint
  8. Garlic
  9. Pennyroyal
  10. Rosemary
  11. Geraniums
  12. Sage
  13. Lemongrass
  14. Floss Flower
  15. Bee Balm (Monarda)
  16. Eucalyptus
  17. Lantana
  18. Lemon Thyme
  19. Chamomile
  20. Onions
  21. Oregano
  22. Yarrow
  23. Verbena
  24. Tansy
  25. Calendula
  26. Wormwood
  27. Alliums
  28. ……… and many more I forget.

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mosquito repellent plant list

Still curious then read more about 13 Perennial plants that repel mosquitoes.

A recent study says some plants can filter more carbon dioxide in its entire life than we will exhale in ours. So why not take their help in getting rid of other problems like mosquitoes… I think it’s a good ecofriendly idea- what do you think?

This list contains many plants, some are specifically for outdoor gardening whereas others can be grown inside. So lets filter these for more clarity.


Indoor Plants that Repel Mosquitoes

Most of the Mints, Thyme, Rosemary, Basil, Garlic, and Lemon Balm can be grown Inside. In fact, You can try most of them growing in pots.

Sometimes it is easy and sometimes not so easy. But I can assure you that if you manage to protect these plants from harsh weather condition then they will protect you from mosquito stings.

You can check your nearest garden store or the link to my plant list to buy some of these.

Outdoor Plants that Repel Mosquitoes

Calendula, Marigolds, Wormwood, Pennyroyal, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Camomile, Geraniums, Sage, and all other plants listed above can be grown outdoor to repel mosquitoes.

Actually, every mosquito repellent plant can be easily grown outdoors. You just need to know their basic needs like temperature, moisture, and sunlight conditions. Every plant is different so their requirements are also different.

If you choose a Eucalyptus, then you should aware that it will grow like a tall tree. Similarly Calendula, Marigold, or Lavendar need proper temperature and sunlight to grow. These are annual plants so treat them accordingly.

Things To Know about Mosquito Repellent Plants

We say a plant is a mosquito repellent then this does not mean that you will not find any mosquito around it. It is not a Chemical or Machine that can start working as you wish.

In fact, each of these plants has definite characteristic features to repel mosquitoes. Some plants have fragrant leaves while others have fragrant flowers and some have fragrant bark or roots. So you should be aware of how to use or just utilize each of these you your purpose.

The main motive is to repel mosquitoes including other bugs. So the strong aromatic fragrance is always helpful. Above all it should be healthy for humans and our pets. The aroma should be pleasant otherwise you have to run before mosquitoes ever come. Certainly you won’t want that to happen with your guests.

This is why I always prefer light aromatic flowering plants like Marigold, lavender, Chamomile. Other than these I like the fragrance of Eucalyptus, Mints, and Rosemary. Most certainly I don’t like to use garlic or Onion due to their strong pungent smell. These are good to eat but not to sit around- What do you think?

Can Mosquitoes bite even if we grow these repellent plants?

Yes, definitely mosquitoes can bite you. This is not magic. These plants are natural mediums to keep mosquitoes away but none can guarantee you for this. The answer to your question greatly depends on the surroundings and circumstances you face.

Think about a situation when you spend your night in a forest or a swamp. No matter how many mints or citronellas you have, Mosquitoes will bite you- for sure. Actually I am the silliest one to test that and believe me it was a big failure. It was very painful, even for days. So don’t try this if you are not a nerd scientist.

Other Benefits of Mosquito Repellent Plants

Other than mosquitoes these plants can help in controlling spiders, ticks, and other insects and bugs. These plants can also help you to reduce pest infestation and sometimes control fungal attacks in other plants.

One big benefit that I observe is Bees and Butterflies. Some of these mosquito repellent plants can greatly attract honey bees and Butterflies. Ultimately will increase the beauty of your garden with increased fertility of every plant.

Who knows you can get more fruits this year by just introducing a few of these plants in your garden. Try some of these and write down your experiences.

Keep Reading and Keep gardening. Live the Green!


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