Do all Plants Produce Oxygen?- Garden facts

Do all plants produce oxygen?- Yes, All green plants produce Oxygen. In fact, some non-green members of the plant kingdom produce oxygen. Some produce less and some produce more but they all do.

The plant kingdom is so big that knowing them all in not possible. They do have exceptions but in general, we can say that all plants produce Oxygen.

Only the complete parasitic plants like dodder and Cuscuta depend on other plants for survival.

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Do all Plants Produce Oxygen

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Technically plants do not produce Oxygen. Oxygen is a bi-product of Photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is a photochemical reaction in which water combined with carbon dioxide in the presence of sunlight and chlorophyll. Glucose and oxygen are the products of photosynthesis.

Actually, the Oxygen released in air is the leftover of photosynthesis. Technically plants should have used this oxygen.  But there is not much carbon and hydrogen left to produce glucose. So the plant removes the rest of the unused oxygen.

Do all plants produce the same amount of oxygen?

No, definitely not. All plants do not produce the same amount of oxygen. The amount of oxygen produced is directly dependent on the amount of photosynthesis done. More photosynthesis means more oxygen and more photosynthesis needs more chlorophyll. So It can be assumed that different plant produce different amount of oxygen

Do you know- All the Grass on the earth produces more oxygen than any other existing plant we know.

Does it mean that Grass produces the maximum amount of oxygen?- Technically Yes but Practically no. Isn’t this confusing.

No, this is not contradicting. Most of the oxygen produced by grass is either consumed or being balanced by the carbon dioxide produced by herbivorous animals.

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Do plants produce more oxygen than trees?- Big plants or trees produce more Oxygen than any small household plant. A big tree means more leaves and more leaves mean more oxygen. Therefore, It is correct that trees produce more oxygen than small plants.

Big trees need more oxygen for respiration. The ratio of oxygen produced to oxygen consumed is much higher in trees.

Have you ever thought- Why does the amount of net oxygen produced by a tree be higher than that produced by a plant?

If not, then think once. Actually, the amount of respiration and transpiration in small plants is much higher than the trees. Why? Because of the difference in their metabolic activities. No, I am not talking about food being chewed and digestion and all.

Metabolism in Plant kingdom refers to their general day to day working. It is like blooming of flowers, the ripening of fruits, growing of roots, and stems. Everything is dependent on the rate of growth. Here comes an interesting fact. Small plants grow faster than big trees due to their fast metabolism.

This is a valid pint to satisfy the statement- Trees produce more net oxygen than small plants.

Can a plant survive without oxygen?- Yes, theoretically a plant can survive without oxygen. Carbon dioxide, water, and sunlight are essential for plants. Oxygen is a by-product of photosynthesis. Once the reaction started in daylight, it will continue in the night also.

This is why scientists think plants can grow in mars long before we can move on for settlement. Those plants can also develop an artificial environment for other life forms.

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Final Words

All green plants produce oxygen. Parasitic Plants like Cuscuta, dodder, and others do not produce oxygen. Trees produce more oxygen than small plants. Plants can live without oxygen once grown, It is not science fiction.

Missed Something… Anything else the let me know. What do you think about plants and oxygen produced by them? Write down your views and ideas. Keep reading for more interesting garden facts. Stay tuned and keep reading.

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