Are Rainbow Tomatoes real or fake? Something to know

Tomatoes are available in a variety of colors. All of us have seen the red, green and yellow ones. Do you know- There is a new variety available in the market called Rainbow Tomato. Yes, it is, several high-quality images are available online, search it on google if you haven’t seen yet. Even the seeds are now listed for sale in several e-com sites.

So what do you think- Is Rainbow Tomato real? Are they really the same as presented? Can we grow it and Ae rainbow tomato edible? – Everything that you know and also that you don’t is presented in this post. Just keep reading and get everything you need to know.

are rainbow tomatoes real or fake

Are rainbow tomatoes Real? – No, absolutely not. It seems interesting but the rainbow tomato is just as fake as any other marketing stunt. The concept of rainbow tomatoes comes with the Photoshop game. It is merely a child play with images and crayon colors.

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Rainbow Tomato- Real or Fake?

In General, we can have tomatoes in almost any color. The most prominent are red, yellow, green and black.  Collectively you can present it as a rainbow mix but actually, these are not the same.

What we see as Rainbow tomato- is entirely different. The sellers present some eye-catching bright images of colorful tomatoes in a single plant. The colors were so bright that it seems fascinating and definitely will attract anyone to buy it.

Analyzing the colors carefully will make it clear that this is all fake. It is just a Photoshop trick, a simple old school image manipulation technique- even a school kid can do it easily.

It is similar to making the crow white or a goat green. All you need to do is just select the image and fill it with any color you want. A little expert touch will make it look real and mind it, you will definitely believe it as a real one.

Comparing Rainbow Tomato vs General Tomato

Rainbow Tomato

· As the name suggests, these tomatoes show variation in color, just as a rainbow.

· Actually it is claimed that the single plant will grow tomatoes with more than seven colors.

· Some of the colors in rainbow tomatoes are obvious like – red, yellow and green but others are very interesting like purple, blue, white, orange, pink and many more.

· Those who claim it as real- shows the plants just as an ordinary one. The seeds also look very similar to the ordinary tomato easily available in the market.

· Though the variety i.e. rainbow tomato is completely fake, still in the best case you can get plants from the seeds available online. The only difference is with the quality of fruits.

· For sure you are not going to have any rainbow tomatoes naturally in your plants.

General Tomato

· Same here you will get several color options and a few with mixed color in hybrid ones.

· The major difference is that if the color is specified then the plant must be unique. No multiple colors can be obtained in any single plant.

· For a single plant, you can have three color variation i.e. green, yellow and red. Most important these are all the same fruits but shows different color variation with a difference in the growth stage.

· Tomatoes, in general, are very healthy and easy to grow plants. The increase in demand and introduction of technology has open the gates for frauds for quick money.

· It is just a marketing strategy nothing else. Selling tomatoes in the name of the rainbow variety is just a pick and through technique to earn quick money- Beware of frauds.

What to expect from Rainbow Tomato seeds?

It is interesting that you can buy rainbow tomato seeds online. As we know most of them are only for presentation not for any real sake. Still, you can grow healthy tomato plants in the best case for these seeds. If not cheated entirely you can have seedlings of tomatoes but in the worst case, the seeds can yield to something you don’t want in your garden. The worst is that if nothing comes out of the seeds you purchased.

It all depends on your luck, yes I am 100% correct. If you are lucky then you will get something real as a tomato. Otherwise, you may end up complaining the seller about the quality and no one will address you.

Ok, let me clear it- I don’t want to stop anyone from purchasing the rainbow tomato seeds, what I say is what I have experienced so far.

After all this discussion it is clear that rainbow tomatoes are fake. So let us discuss some other question related to rainbow tomatoes.

Are rainbow tomatoes edible? – Ok, this is really interesting. I have already said that rainbow tomatoes are not real, so the question of edibility stands null and void. But the truth is- if you can grow it as a real tomato then you can definitely eat it for sure. It only depends on nature and quality.

Can you Grow Rainbow Tomatoes? – Yes, if the seeds are real then you can grow something real out of it. In fact, the plants grown carefully will yield quality tomatoes may differ in quality as specified but the quantity will be the same.

Mixed color tomatoes seem to be similar to Rainbow tomato. The only difference is that rainbow tomato plants are fake whereas the tomatoes with mixed color fruit are completely real.

So if you want some multicolored tomato in your garden then try buying some specific hybrid varieties. Choose only the specific color you want and grow with full dedication. Proper caring and nurturing will definitely result in a healthy and fruitful tomato plant.


Hi, My name is Sukant. I am an I.T professional. Gardening for me is not just a hobby, it's a way of living life with nature. My Ancestors were Commercial farmers: So I personally feel attached to the green. I am not an expert, I'm here only to share my gardening experiences. It's always Refreshing.

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  1. I really loved the quality of your responses to the rainbow tomatoes.. especially the are they edible… It was circling around my head but didn’t expect to read it.. well truly I would expect it but people usually don’t surprise me with Witt or intelligence as I laughed so hard and truly laughed .. that has not happened much at all in 5 years … thank you

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