What are Plantable Pencil, Paper, and Cards?

In recent years the popularity of Ecofriendly products has gained tremendous popularity. The green plantable products are an addition to this list. Do you know What are Plantable Pencil, Paper, or Cards?-   Plantable Pencil, Paper, or cards are products similar to their obvious versions but with a hidden talent. You can use these products for their usual purpose. You can write with a pencil on the card. Gift the card to someone special. They will get the message and instead of discarding the gift, they can grow it.

These products are made of wood dust mixed with wild seeds. The quantity and type of seeds may differ but the result will always be the same. It will germinate and fill the plantation with lots of plants. The variation will amaze everyone who visits the area.

What are Plantable Pencil
What are Plantable Pencil, Paper, and Cards?

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What does Plantable mean?

Plantable means something to plant and grow. Usually the term plantable refers to the plant parts that can grow into new plants. Today the popularity of gardening and greenery has lead to the development of plantable daily products. Plantable pencils, paper, cards, and much more are gaining popularity these days.

The dual benefit of these items makes them the first choice of environments lovers. You can also share these items as holidays gifts. It will get you some extra appreciation. Those who receive such gifts can use them for their general purpose. Once their purpose is over then the greenery will remind them of your affection. Isn’t it great to support nature with your own needs?

Can you grow Plantable pencils, Paper, and cards?

If something is plantable, it means you can grow it. You can easily plant and grow most plantable pencils, paper or cards after use. There is no need to grow them instantly as you get them instead use the item and when you are done then put them in the soil to grow. It is quite easy to grow these plantable.

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How does Plantable Pencil Works?

There are several different types of plantable pencils available in the market. Two of them are my favorite. They either contain seeds at the lower end or are entirely made of seeds compressed in sawdust.

Instead of wood, these pencils are made of fine sawdust mixed with a variety of wildflower, vegetable, or herb seeds. When you sharpen the pencils, their flakes can contain some seeds that can germinate and grow if planted.

This type of plantable pencil has some advantages and disadvantages as well. You can instantly plant them without waiting for the end. Although sharpening the pencil can damage some of the seeds. So, to avoid inconsistency you can use another type of plantable pencil.

A different variation of plantable pencil contains all of the seeds enclosed at the end of the lead cavity. Once the pencil becomes soo small that it is not comfortable to write, then simply put the pencil tail in the soil. Keep the soil warm and wet. These seeds will germinate within a couple of weeks. Take care of the seedling and get rewarded with beautiful blooms.

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What are Plantable Pencils made of?

Plantable pencils are ordinary pencils made of composite wood or compressed sawdust. Instead of a Rubber or eraser at the tail end, these pencils contain pockets of wildflower seeds. These pockets can have a variety of seeds that can eventually grow into wildflower, fragrant herb, or any vegetable.

Other plantable pencils are entirely made of compacted seed and sawdust mixture.

Can you grow a tree from a pencil?

Technically it is possible to grow a tree from a pencil especially if it contains live viable seed. Usually, an ordinary pencil is made of wood and lead. So you cannot plant and grow it into a tree. Instead, you can make a lot of pencils out of one single tree.

Is Growable Pencils Real?

Yes, plantable or growable pencils are 100% real. You can use these pencils to write and when it becomes short, plant them in a container. They contain seeds in the cavity at their end. Usually, you will find an eraser or rubber in this spot. Remove the lead or eraser and pour the seeds into the soil to germinate.

Generally, Both the ends of the seed pocket are close. You have to use the entire pencil before planting the seeds. They will germinate but the rate of germination is uncertain, as the type and quality of the seeds are not known before purchase.

How Does Pantable paper or cards work?

Plantable paper or cards contains seeds pockets. Usually, vegetable, flower, or herb seeds are enclosed in this pocket. Once you are done with the card toss it in a container full of healthy soil. It will germinate and grow into lots of new plants. Wait for a few days and let it surprise you with some wildflowers.

If the card was a gift from someone very close then the plants will make you relive the beautiful memories. It will remind you of the love, care, and affection towards the person who gifts the cards. They will keep the memories alive for a decade as long as you keep them healthy.

If you want something like this for your loved ones. They look out for Plantable greeting cards on Amazon.  Choose one that fits your style and needs. Write your thoughts on the card and gift it to someone who deserves them from you.

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What is the advantage of using Plantable pencils or Cards?

These plantable pencils or cards not only help you with their obvious use but also make the surrounding green. They contain a combination of wild seeds that can grow and make the surroundings beautiful.

The advantage of long-lasting memories makes these plantable products so special. The beautiful flowers and aromatic herbs can add a little to your daily needs. These plants will always remind you about the person who gifts them. The same can happen if you gift a plantable card to your loved one for Christmas.


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