Can You Grow Aloe Vera from a Cutting?

Can you grow aloe vera from a cutting?– Yes you can grow aloe vera from a cutting. This is possible but not very easily. You have to be careful and dedicated to achieving successful results. Aloe plant grows very slowly therefore you have to wait for several weeks to get some roots. And yes, these succulents are very fragile especially when cut open. The stem or aloe leaf cutting can rot very quickly. You have to deal with the decay for any success.

Can You Grow Aloe Vera from a Cutting
Can You Grow Aloe Vera from a Cutting? Yes, you can.

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Can you Regrow Aloe from a Leaf?

Yes, definitely you can regrow a new aloe plant from a leaf. This may be a difficult task but possible. You have to prepare a proper soil mix free from any fungal spores. Otherwise, the chances of failure are very high.

The odds are high but with little effort, we can become successful. Even if you are lucky enough to get it rooted still it will take months to show any growth. So the wait time is really very long. Now it’s your choice whether you want it this way or the other.

The commercial gardeners will always prefer aloe pups over the cutting due to their success rate. Pups are the baby aloe plants grown at the sides of a mature one. Simply cut it out and regrow easily.

Aloe vera
Aloe vera

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How to cut and repot aloe vera?

First of all, keep this in mind growing aloe vera from cutting is not very easy. You have to be careful and patient for this to happen. You may fail multiple times but don’t give up. Learn more and try again.

Now start with the basics-

  • Choose a healthy Aloe plant free from any disease.
  • Take an old mature thick leaf from the basal region. The lower leaves are old and strong enough to survive before they can develop any root. Make sure the leaf is perfectly green and healthy.
  • Let the leaf dry for a couple of days. Aloe vera is succulent so it can rot if you put the cutting instantly in the soil mix.
  • After two days the cutting wound must look a little dry and tough. Now, this is the time to put it in the soil mix. There is no need to use any rooting hormone. Before that, you have to prepare one quality soil mix for rooting.
  • Use 50% Sand, 30% Soil, and 10% perlite, and 10% fine wood ash. Mix these well and then dry fry the mixture at 100 degrees celsius for 10 minutes. This will reduce any chance of fungal growth in the soil.
  • Next, place the aloe leaf-cutting in this mix and spray some water to keep it moist. make sure the soil stays moist throughout this period.

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Can you grow aloe from a stem or leaf cutting?

Yes, you can grow aloe from a leaf or a stem cutting but this is not an ideal method to do so. Aloe plants grown from a cutting are not very healthy and attractive. They are not very identical to the plants you wish to have. Aloe cutting grows very slowly. It can take several months to become a fully mature aloe plant. Meanwhile, they have to stay safe from diseases and other adversities. Trust me this is not a very comfortable task to do.

Instead, you can try the Aloe pups for better results. They are identical to their parent. they can instantly be grown as a new aloe plant without any delay.

Can you Replant a Broken Aloe Leaf?

Yes, you can replant a broken aloe leaf but the chances of it becoming a plant is really very low. An aloe leaf is more susceptible to fungal attacks especially when it has open wounds. Also, the gel inside the thick leaf will quickly oxidize and the leaf will rot. All these factors are not favorable to the growth of Aloe leaf cutting. Therefore It is never advised to grow an Aloe from a broken leaf.

This is difficult but not impossible. You can try to replant a broken aloe leaf. If you are lucky then it may develop some roots in a couple of months.

Problems to grow aloe vera from a cutting

  1. The Aloe leaves can decay due to rapid oxidization. Once you make a cut the gel inside will react with the air and lose its density. This is a very common and difficult problem to handle.
  2. Open wounds in Aloe vera are susceptible to fungal and attacks. So if the leaf gets infected then no matter how hard you try, you will not succeed.
  3. Next, it can take several months to root an Aloe stem in the best case. So just to make sure you are successful you have to wait for 2 or more months.
  4. The Cutting grows very slowly. It can take 6 or more months to become a plant. This is quite a long time to wait. Mostly the cutting will die before it can mature into a fully grown plant.
  5. The final problem is the looks that everyone wants. An Aloe cutting doesn’t look like a plant instead it’s just a leaf stuck in the soil. It doesn’t look attractive.
leaves turning red-aloe
Aloe leaves turning red.

Is it beneficial to grow aloe from a leaf cutting

No, not really. It is not beneficial to grow aloe from a leaf cutting. First of all the task is difficult and next, it has many drawbacks.

The cutting will take several months to develop any root. It will take another 5 or 6 months to develop enough foliage to look like a complete Aloe plant. But this will only happen if the cutting survives rotting due to any disease.

Overall, if you want a beneficial way to grow Aloe plants then try the Aloe pups instead of cuttings.

Final words

Yes, you can grow an Aloe vera from a cutting but whether you try it or not is your choice. It is an interesting task. If you manage to do it successfully then you will be the one among few others. Aloe vera is a succulent plant. It is very easy to grow and maintain. So give it a try and share your experience with us.

Till then, keep reading keep gardening!


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