15 Easy to Grow House Cactus Plants

Cactus is one of the easiest plants to grow and maintain. They require the least care compared to other house plants. I like cactus Coz they are mostly immune to bug and pest attacks. I can simply leave these spiny little plants for weeks without water and they will survive.

The best thing about growing cactus is that you don’t need favors from friends and neighbors even if you plan a month-long vacation. Just feed the plants abundantly and let them in a bright spot.

If you like cactus as much as I do then here’s 15 easy-to-grow house cactus plants. Pick anyone and give it a try. I know you’ll like it.

 Easy to Grow House Cactus Plants
Easy to Grow House Cactus Plants

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1 Rhipsalis or mistletoe cacti

Mistletoe or Rhipsalis cactus is one of its kind. It is also known as a chain plant. Most of the cactus varieties grow in hot sunny harsh climatic conditions whereas mistletoe needs moisture and dim light. It is perfect to grow the interior with very minimal effort. The best part of this cactus is that it doesn’t produce thorns. You can place it near your doors or windows to spread some green love.

You can plant a seed of mistletoe which is the traditional way of growing any plant. But keep in mind that it takes a little longer time to grow into a plant. I recommend using cutting techniques to grow Rhipsalis cactus at your home. It is the fastest way of growing a plant. Rhipsalis mistletoe cactus needs to be placed in an area where it gets some sunlight in the shade. Window and balcony areas are the best places for this cactus.

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2 Bunny ears cactus

Bunny ears cactus is one of the commonly found cactus. Due to the wing-like shape, people call it an angel’s wing cactus. If you are planning to get an easy-to-grow cactus at your place, this may be your first choice. It needs nothing to grow bunny ears cactus. You are in a hot dry, low humid place and it’s perfect for bunny ears cactus.

It contains lots of glochids with short whitish brown prickles. This plant needs almost no maintenance. I strictly recommend no to water it until one inch of the soil is dry. If you are watering it make sure to let all the water gets drained from the pot. You can grow a new plant from the pads of the old bunny ears cactus plant.

Bunny ears cactus

3 Star Cactus

You will be wondered to know about this easy-to-grow house cactus. It looks so attractive and will add extra beauty to your place. Star cactus is a common name of Astrophytum asteria. This cactus is famous with many different names. Star cactus, sand dollar cactus, sea urchin, and star peyote are the common names of Astrophytum.

The plant is usually short with a round body. Its star-like appearance from the top can steal your heart. The flower generally blooms from March to May. A beautiful orange-centered yellow flower on a star-like plant will catch everyone’s eyes.

4 Moon Cactus

Very beautiful and totally different-looking moon cactus doesn’t produce chlorophyll. Yes, the ability to produce chlorophyll makes a plant look green. In this case, the plant cannot be green in color. The beautiful vibrant color like orange, hot pink, and neon yellow can be seen.

It looks absolutely incredible and that’s why used for gifting purposes also. I love gifting plants and succulents are the best choice as they need very little care and maintenance. Growing plant from seeds usually takes too long to grow. You can buy grafted moon cactus for your balcony and for making window boxes.

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5 Christmas Cactus

Christmas cactus that reminds you of happy times. This is a member of the same cactus family as the thanksgiving cactus. It produces pink and white color flowers in winter at the end of each stem. Unlike other cactus, In Christmas cactus stems are in segments and hanging out from the pots.

You can easily propagate this cactus from cutting. It needs very less maintenance. As it blooms in winter, you can also gift it to your friends and family members occasionally. Just cut the segments and plant them in different pots. Make sure you are using a fully mature and healthy plant for propagation.

Christmas cactus

6 Easter Cactus

Easter cactus is from a different family. It produces white, peach, orange, red, and lavender flowers. Late winter to the early spring is the blooming season for easter cactus. This is one of the best plants to grow indoors. It loves bright sunlight but you should not place it in direct sun exposer.

Unlike other dessert cactus, it needs cols temperature and a little humidity. It can bloom for months in 13- 16 degrees Celsius. It will take almost not care if you are in a cold place.

7 African milk tree cactus

It is a succulent plant but looks very similar to cactus. It stays lush and green through. The baby plants are usually lighter than the older plants. It is also known as friendship cactus, good luck plant, or good luck cactus. If you have sufficient space at your home then it can grow 8 feet tall. African milk tree grows very fast and up to two feet a year.

It grows vivaciously but not invasive in nature. you can use it as a garden decoration or place it in your living area. I love decorating it with lights occasionally.

8 Ladyfinger’s Cactus

Narrow long finger-like stems make it easy to recognize the ladyfinger cactus. They can spread up to three feet with a height of 8 inches. The glamourous puss of this cactus is the big bright pink flowers with a yellow center. Ladyfinger’s cactus is easy to grow and needs very little maintenance. They love the hot climates and you can place them in the sun also.

9 Bishop’s Cap Cactus

As the name suggests, these cacti look exactly like a bishop’s hat. They can grow about 40 inches in height and 8-10 inches in diameter. The plant can have 4-8 ribs depending on its age. You can see white flecks covered the greyish green plant. It produces beautiful yellow flowers in spring or summer.

Bishop's Cap Cactus

10 Fairy Castle Cactus

The castle we saw in cartoons is very much similar to the shape of this castle cactus. Well-drained soil and hot climate are perfect to grow daily castle cactus. These cactus grow a bit slow but they can be 6 feet taller.  They are basically light green in color and turn brown with time. Fairy castle cactus very rarely produce flowers. Please do not go with the fake flowers showing in online stores.

11 Parodia

Parodia looks very similar to the bishop’s hat cactus. But they have more thin ribs and look like a ball. Commonly people call the ball cactus. They are easier to grow than many other cactus. Older plants produce beautiful orange, yellow, white, and pink flowers. You can find many different and amazing varieties of Parodia cactus. They are just amazing indoors.

12 Feather Cactus

Feather cactus or Mammillaria plumosa are small cute cactus covered with snowy feathers. These are always being the center of attraction for my guests. But be a little careful while touching them. The sharp spines under the feathers can hurt you.

The feathers of the plants make it look a little different from others. Also, feather protects the plant from heat and sun. I always recommend planting mammillaria plumosa near your balcony. Snowy white plants will definitely add some extra beauty to your place.

13 Old lady cactus

The old lady cactus is actually a Mammillaria Hahniana. Just like feather cactus, you can see white feathers on the plant. These are very easy to grow and maintain. You can grow them outdoors in your garden as well as indoors. The old lady cactus is very easy to identify also.

The spherical plant covered with white spines and downs looks very unique. You can also see them in groups, they never grow alone. The spherical plant generally grows 4-5 inches but can grow up to 10 inches over several years. In spring and summer, the spherical ball produces beautiful flowers. The Redish purple flower at the top of the plant looks like a beautiful headband that can steal your heart.

14 Blue columnar

Blue columnar or pilosocereus cacti tall but mostly shrubby cactus. You can definitely grow them indoors but keep in mind it can grow up to 1-10 m tall. The simplest way is to transfer it to the soil after it grows older and you can pot new baby blue columnar again in the pot.

The large mature plant produces beautiful flowers. You can expect flowers in summer. The flowers generally bloom at night and continue the day after.

 15 Easy to Grow House Cactus Plants
15 Easy to Grow House Cactus Plants

15 Rattail Cactus

Rattail is a flowering cactus plant. They often grow as ornamental plants. These are perfect to grow in pots. The soft long hairy stem of the cactus looks exactly like a tail is easy to identify. These are now widely grown indoors than outdoors.

The long trailing stem with half-inch diameter can grow up to 6 feet at maturity. You can see them growing in the hanging basket in many areas. The stem of the plant is usually green in color but turns beige as it ages. In the spring or early summer, plants produce pink, orange, or red flowers.

Final Words

I hope you like this list of 15 Easy to Grow House Cactus Plants. If you already have anyone from this list then let me know your experience with these cacti. Also, check out What is the Official State Flower of all 50 states?


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