10 Plants That Repel Spiders- Garden Facts

Do you like Spiders? I bet none of you likes them wandering on your hair or shoulder.  This is a very common scenario of everyday gardening. Whenever I visit my backyard garden, I have to face these small nasty creates. They usually don’t harm my plant but I don’t like them. Spiders are important for the garden ecosystem. Then control the population of harmful pests and insects. In return, they feed the frogs, toads, and lizards. Hence maintaining the energy cycle. Therefore I don’t want to kill any spider unnecessarily. Instead, I found some useful easy-to-grow plants that repel spiders. Have a look at the list.

10 Plants That Repel Spiders
10 Plants That Repel Spiders

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10 Plants to Avoid Spiders in Garden

  1. Lemon Grass
  2. Mint
  3. Eucalyptus
  4. Lemon Verbena
  5. Lavender
  6. Lemon Balm
  7. Peppermint
  8. Dill
  9. Citronella
  10. Garlic

Sometimes Marigold, Calendula, Onion, and fennel plants are also effective in repelling Spiders. Although plants don’t kill any spider. They only distract or repel them with a strong pungent smell.

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Plants That Repel Spiders

Here is a list of 10 plants that repel spiders. Check out all these plants to get rid of spiders. Plants like lemongrass and dill are very effective in repelling spiders. I have noticed few plants and included them here in my list of spider repellant plants.

1 Lemon Grass

Lemongrass is a grass-like herb which is being used in cooking for ages. The leaves are very similar to that of seagrasses. The citrus fragrance helps repel insects especially spiders. You can plant them in small pots and place them near your doors to keep spiders away.

The aroma of fresh lemon in your green tea makes your day, isn’t it? But if you do not have lemon just pick some of the leaves of this lemongrass and boil in water. Apart from this lemongrass is used in cooking in Asia.

lemon-grass Plants That Repel Spiders

2 Mint

The sent of menthol is very useful in repelling insects. It is believed to be a good plant to use as a spider repellant. It is very easy to grow and maintain too. Peppermint oil is being used as a strong spider repellent for decades.

Although, I am not sure about all creepy insects. But it is an amazing plant to grow in your home garden. At least you can prepare your insect repellant spray at home without spending any penny.

Apart from this, you can use mint leaves in your fresh mojito or any other refreshing juice. Also, for garnishing and cooking some exotic dishes, you can use mint leaves.

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3 Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is a well-known medicinal tree. The strong fragrance is very useful in repelling insects. Nowadays many companies are using eucalyptus in mosquito and spider repellant spray making. You can feel the fresh mint-like fragrance just by standing near the tree.

The leaves, woods, and even bark of the tree is being used for medicinal purpose. Just by inhaling the crushed leaves or eucalyptus, you can cure nasal congestion.

You can plant baby eucalyptus in a small pot near your door or wherever you like. Keep cutting branches and repotting in bigger pots as they grow bigger. The best way to keep is to get a bonsai plant.

4 Lemon verbena

Lemon verbena is a flowering plant with a fresh lemon scent. It helps in keeping mosquitoes and other insects away. You can plant them in your garden or place them near your door or window. This plant also works great as a spider repellant.

People use Lemon verbena for medicinal properties. It is believed to be useful in incurring muscle pain and digestive-related problems. Thus, you can use it in herbal teas also. The one sip of lemon verbena herbal tea can make your morning by giving an instant fresh splash. On the other hand planting, it will give your Insect a free day.

5 Lavender

The beautiful purple lavender garden attracts bees as well as humans also. But it is good in repelling spiders. Yes, spiders hate the strong scent of lavender. Thus, you can plant them to keep lavender near you to keep spiders away from your sight.

Lavender shares the same family with mint. The fragrance will make you realize that it is flowering species of mint. The lavender oil is used in incense sticks and massage oils for relieving anxiety, depression, and sleeplessness. It is also useful in boosting skin health.


6 Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is a herb also from a mint family. It contains a nice refreshing aroma of lemon. You can plant them in a pot and place them near your balcony, windows, and doorsteps. It is an amazing plant that repels spiders and mosquitoes.

Also, you can prepare your DIY insect repellent spray using lemon balm leaves. I love to plant them in cute pots and place them in my windows. You can also try it.

7 Peppermint

Peppermint is one of the most popular varieties of mint. It has a strong mint aroma that can repel insects too. The spider didn’t like peppermint at all and always stays away from it. Peppermint adds a unique fresh flavor to the dishes.

Companies use Peppermints to add flavors to toothpaste and mouthwashes. But also used in soaps, mouthwashes, candies, and many food items.

8 Dill

Dill shares the same family as a carrot. It has a strong pungent smell that repels almost all insects. Dill is very effective in repelling spider mites. You can grow them all around your house or plant them wherever you need them.

Dill or dill weeds have thin thread-like leaves. You can use it as herbs and spices. Dill can enhance the flavor of your dish. The leaves are aromatic sweet with a grassy flavor. It goes well with potatoes and yogurt sauce. It would not be a loss deal to plant them in your garden.


9 Citronella

Citronella has a strong fragrance that you can use as an insect repellant. Perfumers use citronella oil as a perfumery chemical. It has a very strong aroma that can repel even kill spiders. Planting citronella will not allow any spider to wander around your house.

Due to its strong aroma and concentration, you cannot use citronella directly for any use. Dog trainers use this oil to calm down dogs that bark too much. Also, it is very helpful in curing fungal infections. You can use diluted oil as ointments.

10 Garlic

The pungent smell of garlic always helps us to keep insects away. Garlic has many medicinal properties. From antifungal to antiinflammatory, you can use it as you want.

The extreme smell of the garlic plant also helps us to repel spiders. You can also use garlic juice or oil for spray. But, make sure you do not have a problem with it.

The smell of garlic is very strong but it adds an amazing flavor to the food. You can add garlic paste, oil, or even chopped garlic to your spicy dishes.

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Final words

You can try growing these plants to avoid spiders in your home or kitchen garden. Never use chemical pesticides or insecticides unless there is no other option left. Remember chemicals not only harm insects but also damage our metabolism. Therefore, spend some quality time in your garden with these plants that repel spiders.

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